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Hitani Kaur        Print Edition: July 21, 2013

To make a good impression, first or otherwise, it's important for a number of elements to come together seamlessly. From the neatness of your shave and the cut of your clothes to the shine on your shoe, every little thing is a dead give-away that speaks volumes about your sense of style. With all the things you can do today, it's confusing to know which ones you should. Follow our lead for a grooming regime to look and feel your very best this season.

They say men are like wine - growing finer with each passing year. But there's a reason why men like George Clooney and Clint Eastwood continue to rock the red carpet; it all boils down to the lifestyle they lead. Live right, eat right and sleep right - that's half the battle won. Eat regular and balanced meals and pack in your share of physical exercise. Binge only occasionally, if at all, and you'll see the results in the long run. Aim for variety by substituting your gym membership with activities like biking, climbing, swimming and team sports, it'll keep you fit without getting monotonous. This will form the very foundation of your appearance and pay off in the long run.


Moving on to the seemingly superficial aspects of your look, start right at the top with a wellkept face. There are a few rituals that you can carry out consistently - they're quick and easy but can really set your look apart. For starters, trim your nose hair, pluck the excess hair from below your eyebrows (just tweeze off the stray strands, don't go as far as shaping) and shave the growth off your ears and neck. This, in itself, will have you looking immaculate. Next, go in for a close shave. Make sure that you shave in the same direction as your growth to ensure that there is no ingrowth, and don't wait for a day's stubble; shaving on a daily basis gives you a consistent freshness. If you have a beard, get rid of it, this season's all about looking cool and clean. Alternatively, if you're a beard man, keep it neatly trimmed and devoid of stray hairs sticking out. Wrap up with a light aftershave and moisturise to seal the deal.

This might come across as frivolous, it might even sound like the nagging voice of your mother, but the importance of good posture cannot be stressed enough. After working your look from top to toe, don't blunder at this last stage. Standing tall is more about posture than height. A straight back with your head held up straight not only gives you the illusion of height, it also endows you with an edge that screams confidence. And don't forget to finish off with a firm handshake.


One of the first things that women notice in a man, even before his shoes, is his hands. A lot of people will tell you to go for a monthly manicure and ask you to buff your nails to get them shining, but you needn't even go that far. It's pretty straightforward - cut your nails regularly and keep your hands clean. As for your feet, use a pumice stone to rub your heels and you're fine. Yes, it's that simple.


You've got to smell as good as you look. Opt for a citrusy scent for the day and go heavy with a masculine musk for the night. We'd recommend Eros by Versace; a heady mix of mint oil, lemon, apple and geranium. Creating a fresh yet woody combination, it's intoxicating in a subtle way. This time of year, your fragrance diffuses more rapidly because of the moisture and heat in the air. So be sure to use just the right amount, spray on enough to add a whiff to the air, but don't go overboard and douse yourself. Pick one or two that work on your skin and stick with them. Maintaining a consistent scent works better than a cacophony of different ones.

There's a reason why 'custom-made' is generously sprinkled into the wardrobes of the discerning dresser. It's time you ditched the notion that fitted clothes are exclusive to the lady. Regardless of your shape and size, a well-tailored suit, pants or even a shirt can transform your silhouette. Pay attention to where your shoulders end. Your shirt and blazer should never droop lower onto your arm; it makes you look sloppy. When it comes to trousers, length is critical. There's a fine line between too short and too long; tread lightly to get it just right.

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