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You can be a suave dresser just by trusting your instincts: Milind Somand

Sack your personal stylist, says actor-model Milind Soman, you can be a suave dresser just by trusting your instincts.

They say clothes maketh a man, and they aren't wrong. Stock up your wardrobe with the season's finest, and become the style icon you were always meant to be.
Thread the belt through your pant loops until the D links are positioned where the belt buckle usually is. Pull the loose end of the belt through both D-rings.
Your dress shirt should have extralong French or double cuffs, with no buttons and a pair of holes on either side, adding up to a set of four holes on each cuff
Come June, the cabin crew aboard Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic airline will be seen donning outfits designed by Dame Vivienne Westwood.
Load your smartphone with the brightest fashion apps in the market to walk the talk of a style maven who is at the top of his game.
They are the go-to accessories for well-groomed men who want to make a statement with a knot. Here's why ties will always be in vogue.
Get the elements of a tuxedo right before a much-awaited black tie event and wear it with suave confidence.
With good looks gaining more importance than ever, you can no longer be excused for airport style casualties - even if you are a frequent flier.
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Angle the hair using a fine-toothed moustache comb. Make sure the moustache is dry, a wet one makes the hair appear longer and you end up cutting more
From the silhouette of your suits, the fabrics to use and the rim of your hat; we let you in on the hottest trends of the season.