Hold your Breath

Going about your office presentation like a zombie? Grossed a girl out with bad breath? Watch what you eat!
Saurav Bhanot        Print Edition: Aug 17, 2014
Hold your Breath
Maintain health and hygiene with healthy foods

At work, excessive stress wreaks havoc on your meetings and presentations, making the pink slip seem just a day away. Out on a date, a lethal combination of bad breath and perspiration sends the girl scurrying for the nearest cab. It seems like things can't get any worse, can they? Unfortunately, they can - unless you acknowledge the fact that food does play a major part in how your life plays out, and take corrective steps on a war footing. Some tips on eating habits that will help keep your personal as well as professional life on track.

Add apples to your diet to counter bad breath

Everybody knows that gobbling onions or garlic just before a dinner date is the social equivalent of committing hara-kiri. But if bad breath has been a perennial problem for you, you could have a much bigger issue on your hands. So, what should you eat? Experts say adding probiotic yoghurt, basil, spinach, cherries and apples (which have anti-bacterial properties) to your diet can work wonders. Also, drink more water. In most cases, water helps flush down food particles and bacteria that cause bad breath in your mouth.

Grapes cool your body and prevent excessive sweating

Do your friends call you "Mister Perspiration" behind your back? Considering that women usually find sweat patches on men a big turn off, it's time you did something about it. The next time you're on a date, avoid ordering red meat or anything high on spice and hydrogenated oil that may stimulate your sweat glands. Skipping coffee may help too. Opt for vegetarian fare or lean meats, and gorge on grapes - if possible - to cool your body. Time for a stressful business meeting? Down a glass of fresh tomato juice as a last-minute fix; tomatoes contain anti-oxidants that simply detest sweat.

Switch to Watermelon to combat bloating

Contrary to popular opinion, bloating isn't caused by excess water in your body, but the lack of it. A result of natural gases building up in your gut, you should turn to watermelon, celery (which controls intestinal gas), and a pinch of rosemary in your tea to combat this. If you keep a poorly stocked larder, try a cup of yoghurt, or a glass of warm water infused with lemon early in the morning.

A glass of milk can keep you going the entire day

Given our hectic lifestyle, we almost always end up appearing haggard and tired at important meetings. Also, if you turn up at a date looking like something the cat dragged in, the object of your affection will definitely show you the door. Well, all's not lost, as far as your energy needs are concerned. Try munching on chia seeds, which have plenty of complex carbohydrates and omega-3s. Whipping up eggs is a good option, and so are beans. For a last-minute energy booster, have a tall glass of milk - it has enough protein and carbs to keep you going the entire day.

Green tea, with its high antioxidant levels, helps combat stress

While getting the jitters before a major event is absolutely normal, stressing too much isn't a great idea either. Avocados, thanks to their bland texture, cool your stomach and soothe your nerves. Asparagus, being high in folate, helps you keep calm too. Berries, cashews and walnuts - with their high antioxidant levels - effectively combat stress, and a cup of green or chamomile tea can also work wonders with your nerves. Want something sinful instead? Try some mood-lifting chocolate and breathe easy!

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