The Alcohol Diaries

Many a mystery lies hidden in your glass of golden ale, and not everything you hear about it is true. Presenting six myths about alcohol that are better off dispelled.
     Print Edition: Aug 18, 2013

Mixing drinks will make you tipsier
Alcohol is alcohol, whether you get it from beer, wine, hard liquor or a cocktail. Drunkenness does not depend on the accompanying compounds but the quantity of alcohol you drink. But don't get bottle-happy yet - mixing drinks could still cause a major stomach upset.

Alcohol has the same effect on everybody

There are many physical factors -- ranging from body weight, metabolism and body chemistry -- that affect a person's reaction to alcohol. Also, it has been scientifically proven that women get drunk faster than men. So, slow down, ladies!

A cold shower or a cup of coffee can sober you up
Time is the only factor that can remove alcohol from your body. A shower or a cup of coffee may prevent you from feeling sleepy, but they can't prepare you for the board meet ahead.

Beer is less intoxicating than other alcoholic beverages

Though beer has a lower percentage of alcohol than its harder counterparts such as whisky, rum or vodka, you are likely to get as intoxicated if you binge on it. And, weight-watchers beware! Beer has a higher calorie count.

Those who can "hold their liquor" stand a lower risk

Your ability to remain in control despite getting drunk does not mean that your body can handle alcohol better. It only shows that you have developed a tolerance for alcohol and are more likely to become dependent on it.

Eating a big meal before drinking will keep you sober

Drinking on a full stomach will only delay the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream, not prevent it. Eating before you drink is not a defence against getting drunk - why don't you try kicking the bottle instead?

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