Noma In London

     Print Edition: July 22, 2012

From July 28 to August 6, the Claridges hotel in London will play host to a pop-up version of the Danish eatery famed as the best in the world. Travelling all the way from Copenhagen, Chef René Redzepi's restaurant Noma will be making an appearance in the British capital for all of ten days, to mark the forthcoming Olympic Games.

Credited as the crowning glory of Scandinavian cuisine, Noma has been applauded in the culinary world for pioneering the foraging movement in which chefs use hyper-local ingredients like wild herbs and plants. The menu at this pop-up version will comprise signature dishes from its original menu, with the added challenge of substituting Scandinavian ingredients with local and seasonal British alternatives.

A Taste Of Noma At Claridges as it is to be called, will be housed within the ballroom at the Claridges, overseen and run by chef Redzepi himself, who will be present and accompanied by a contingent of staff from the original restaurant. Together, they will dish out a special five-course menu for diners during lunch and dinner. But snagging a spot at this most coveted and exclusive eat-in is close to impossible. A single reservation is priced at 195 pounds, and a whopping 10,000 people pre-registered for the event. 3,400 places were instantly snapped up in the first 2.5 hours, while hundreds of hopefuls continue to vie for the remaining few.

Swirl Your Glass
We know that a good wine relies on a number of factors. The grape, the soil, the climate and even the cask in which it's aged. Well here's a first. French luxury crystal glassmaker Baccarat claims it will forever revolutionise wine drinking with the launch of their latest glass design. The design for the glass is inspired by that of a tulip, with a wide flat base and a rising vertical chimney. The strategic design will prevent the alcohol in the wine from overpowering the aroma when the glass is swirled. The broad swirling movement allowed by the usual wineglass oxidises the wine while burning its delicate aromas. However, the narrow mouth of the new glass traps and retains the subtlety in the vintages, revealing the true personality of the wine . The glasses are priced at $116, and went on sale in France earlier this year. Here's to moving forward with new innovations.


After debuting in China last year, the People's Car Project inspired a total of 33 million submissions from customers contributing design ideas towards Volkswagon's model of the future. What came about as the product of this crowd sourcing campaign, is a car without wheels, the Volkswagen Hover Car, designed by a Chinese girl, Wang Jia. The two-seater zero emission car levitates above the streets along electromagnetic road networks without causing pollution. The Hover Car comes fitted with circular doors and a key with an LCD screen displaying the fuel meter and the driving habits of driver. Additionally, the car accommodates a built-in system that avoids road accidents by using sensors. Its sleek design makes it easy to manoeuvre, and appealing in its looks. Although it's only a concept as yet, there's no saying when the idea will jump off the pages and onto our streets.

Port Adriano By Starck
Port Adriano, located on the Balearic Islands capital of Palma de Mallorca, has undergone a spiffy makeover by French designer Philippe Starck. He's made it one of the poshest parking spaces for superyachts in the Mediterranean. With the latest addition of 82 berths, Port Adriano now offers an alternative to the marinas around the Balearics, which are often fully booked. Furthermore, the new design accommodates commercial space for top marine businesses, international shops, restaurants and leisure resorts. Combining Starck's genius with the region's stunning landscape, it's the next go-to destination.

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