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Pierre Mario Fitter | Print Edition: April 14, 2013

Last year, customers enjoyed 6 million meals at the 135 La Tagliatella franchisees around the world. That's what serving up ingredients straight from the farm gets you. Everything served at this restaurant from the cheese to the tomatoes, wheat and meats arrive straight from carefully selected sources across Europe. It is Italian done right (that said, the sauvignon blanc we drank- a good wine-was Indian. But it was a curious choice at a restaurant known for authenticity).

We started with freshly-baked bread topped with tomatoes, onions and olives. These arrived soft, warm and full of flavour. Fair warning, avoid starters if you want to enjoy your meal. I'll explain why shortly.

For mains, I ordered a peperoncino e funghi tagliatelle. Now I am a big eater and am very partial to Italian but I couldn't finish my meal. This isn't a statement on the quality. The freshly-made pasta was a joy to eat. But the portions were enormous.

And there was more to come. My companion ordered a chicken and turkey ham pizza. Here too, the quality of the meats and pizza dough stood out, as did its mammoth size. I have never allowed a pizza platter to leave my table unfinished. This meal marked a first for me.

For dessert, we had a tre bombe al cioccolato (pictured) and a tiramisu. Both were rich, although perhaps a bit too sweet. This should suit many Indian diners just fine.

La Tagliatella is perfect for someone with a gourmet's palate and a gourmand's appetite. In fact, the restaurant encourages you to share your food. and is thus perfectly suited for team lunches. If you're in Bangalore, look out for a new branch opening soon over there.

Prosciutto Pizza
Tre Bombe al cioccolato
Meal for two (with alcohol) Rs 3,500 plus taxes
Reservations +011-40870747

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