Restaurant review: Uzzuri in New Delhi

The restaurant offers fantastic desserts. The puey lentil salad is also highly recommended for those who want to tuck into some protein.

Prachi Bhuchar        Print Edition: September 13, 2015
Restaurant review: Uzzuri in New Delhi

It's a delicious fare and it does not pretend to be anything more. The interiors are simple and fuss-free and the food is the focus . It is also one of the few places where you can enjoy a breakfast, if you made it to work but were too rushed to eat a homemade one.

We are there for dinner though, and begin our meal with the soup of the day (chicken) which is hearty and flavourful; almost like a homemade broth. The generous bread basket is also quite delicious. We then moved onto the dragon chilly tenderloin strips which are salty, spicy and cooked perfectly. If you prefer chicken, try the chicken burger shorties which packed a punch and are filling without being too much. The puey lentil salad is also highly recommended for those who want to tuck into some protein which is not your usual fried fare and draws on familiar yet original flavours. There are several options for vegetarians across the menu as well.

In the mood for a quick bite? Try one of the paninis or burgers. The black bean tenderloin burger with spicy miso paste is fantastic as is the Cajun grilled chicken sandwich. You can also order a pizza from their sizeable pizza menu. Moving onto mains, the Afro lamb is top choice. The juicy leg of lamb is served with a pea and asparagus mash and a garlic pepper jus. The Creole salmon, served with a herbed mash is also worth trying if you like your fish.

The biggest surprise though, is in desserts. I am used to eating at places that almost never deliver on sweet endings, but here, the desserts are fantastic. The carrot cake with cream frosting has the right balance of sweetness and earthiness from the carrots and I would go back for more. The banoffee pie is also spot on, the toffee caramelised beautifully and the dish respectful of ingredients used.

Uzzuri has a bar on the first floor but I would recommend you head here for the food. Quick, easy and sensibly priced, its location (on Janpath, near Sarvana Bhavan) means it is in the perfect spot to attract office goers and shoppers form Connaught Place and Janpath.

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Dragon chilly tenderloin strips
Carrot cake
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Rs 1500
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