Weighed Down

Are we going on a diet again? Six common mistakes to avoid on the road to losing those extra pounds.
Print Edition: Oct 26, 2014
Six common food habits you must avoid
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Going heavy on protein
If you want to trade flab for muscles, what better to do than keep off cheese and binge on meat - right? Wrong. While protein is important, having too much of it will only result in you storing it up as fat. Have a carrot instead.

Binge eating
No, working out for an hour in the morning does not give you any such concession. After all, why would you want to throw away all that effort on an ill-advised fling with a cheeseburger? You may have your cheat meals, though.

Skipping breakfast
Switching that breakfast sandwich with a big glass of juice again? Experts say that most juices raise blood sugar levels, resulting in your body producing more insulin. So, what happens next? You get hungry and overeat later.

Repeating exercises
If there anything you shouldn't be like, it's a stuck record. Don't perform the same exercises over and over, and expect the same benefits. To get better results, vary the frequency, intensity or time. This way, it won't get boring either.

Staying awake
Appetite and hunger hormones are greatly influenced by how much sleep you get. Staying awake will only make you indulge in late night snacking, which can't be a good thing at all.

Making excuses
What's the most common excuse for not exercising? Well, stop faking yourself into being lazy. Walk ten yards, and you will want to go 100 more. Exercise doesn't tire as much as it energises you.

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