Desk Snacks

Print Edition: April 14, 2013

Many executives feel the urge to nibble between meals, and that sometimes leads to quick, unhealthy binge eating. If you fall into this category, here are a few alternatives that can be purchased locally and work well.

Dry Fruits These are easy to store, and easy to eat. They also come loaded with many of the same nutrients as regular fruits. However, watch your portion size. Dry fruits have nearly the same calorie count as their fresher alternatives but in a smaller package.

Nuts and seed mixes While these are calorie-dense, they are packed with nutrients that are considered brain food. Great for boosting mid-day concentration. They're also easy to eat.

Granola bars and chikki These are both easy to make or buy depending on how much time you have. The come loaded with carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. They're ideal for a mid-day sugar boost or to reenergise during or after a workout.

Multi-grain/digestive crackers
Another great desk snack since they're easy to store and eat. Multi-grain and digestive biscuits are high on fibre leaving you feeling full. They are a far better alternative to cream cookies or jam tarts that are loaded with sugar. For a bit of flavour, smear a 1/4 tablespoon of peanut butter, but no more.

One of the risks of travelling to a foreign country is the food. Your stomach may simply not be used to the level of spice, or it's just as easily possible that you may have ingested something which you have not had the chance to build any natural immunity to. The result, quite often, is an upset stomach. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to treat and recover from one while on the go. One caveat: always visit a doctor if symptoms persist.

Drink up It is water we are referring to here. This is essential as diarrhoea dehydrates the body and constant fluid replacement is required. Water, fresh soups and electrolytes are your best bet for staying hydrated.

Rest This is hard if you're constantly attending meetings, but try to get as much downtime as you can between events. Avoid serious exertion and reschedule as much as possible. Skip the gym and definitely stay away from that evening cocktail party. Alcohol will not only aggravate an irritable stomach, it will also dehydrate you further.

Avoid Stress Your digestive system is surprisingly sensitive to your state of mind. Stress can aggravate an upset stomach. This is also partly why rest is advised to patients. It's important to disconnect sometimes.

Eat right Bananas, ginger, oats, chicken broth and green tea are easy on the digestive system. They possess a range of nutrients that will nurse you back to health in no time and put you back on track.

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