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Tips on eating and drinking right. Plus tips on perfect workouts.
Print Edition: May 12, 2013

Snooze Foods
Head straight to your refrigerator and stock up on these superfoods that help you sleep right at night and stay alert during the day.

Connected Pollution Mask
Travelling on business and paranoid about infections? Air pollution is a pressing global issue that concerns frequent fliers. Frog Design, a global innovation firm, has developed a pollution mask that not only filters out harmful particles but also maps the most polluted areas of the city (through GPS) in real time, after getting connected to a smartphone device. Wearable computing, seen in products like Nike Plus, Fitbit, Glocap and Google Glass, is the latest in technology that has captured public imagination. The Frog Mask is a nod to good health on the go as well as tech innovation.

Summer Calorie Swaps
When temperatures soar, your body requires proper hydration. Here's a guide to beverages that quench your thirst without piling on the pounds:

Technogym Plurima

For those who prefer a private home gym workout over crowded health clubs, Technogym's Plurima multistation is an exciting option. A total of 150 body training exercises can be performed through its multiple configurations. Plurima's compact and modular form means that it needs less installation space, while its equipment design promises high performance.
Price on request.

Don't miss a workout session even if you're on the move or in transit. A suitcase is all you need.

Place the suitcase in front, handle up. Bend your knees, push your hips back, torso is parallel to the floor. Grab the suitcase handle with your right hand, pull it towards your chest and then release it, catching it with your left hand before it hits the floor.

Place the suitcase vertically with its handle extended. Grab it with your right hand and push it forward as you take a large step with your left leg. Lower your body until your left knee is bent 90 degrees and your right knee touches the floor.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bear hug your suitcase. Squat with your hips back and thighs are parallel to the floor. Come back up, moving the suitcase to your either side as you repeat.

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