Organic Is The Way To Go

If you're health-conscious and feel that regular foods are damaging your health, here's former cricketer Dilip Doshi's pick of organic ingredients to stock up on.

Print Edition: Jan 20, 2013

Former cricketer Dilip Doshi is is playing a new game. His maiden entrepreneurial venture Organic Haus supplies more than 900 brands of organic products. If you're health-conscious and feel that regular foods are damaging your health, here's Doshi's pick of organic ingredients to stock up on.

It's easy to concoct new cocktails, the art however lies in getting the classics right. Zdenek Kastanek, a Grey Goose Ambassador, tells you how to shake it right this festive season.

Fill your glass with ice, pour 50ml of vodka and top it up with freshly squeezed juice. Garnish with an orange wedge. It works amazingly with fresh sweet lime juice and a touch of soda or as a Greyhound with fresh grapefruit juice. Add a pinch of salt and you have 'The Salty Dog'.
Trick: Use good ice, a beautiful glass, super-premium quality vodka and freshly squeezed juice. Use the hand citrus juicer and don’t over squeeze as the drink could taste bitter.

Grog is a hot or cold drink of rum, sugar or molasses, lemon juice and water. Take 50ml black rum, 20ml honey syrup and 15ml of lemon juice. Trick: Add water to honey, cardamom pods, cinnamon stick and cloves.

Blood and Sand
This is made out of 20ml scotch whisky, 20ml cherry herring, 20ml sweet vermouth, 20ml fresh orange juice. Add all ingredients into an empty three-piece shaker, top up with ice and shake hard.
Trick: Don't shake too long and hard as the deep flavours of the whisky are lost. Garnish with orange zest.
Eating out too often and can't cut back on the sugar in those desserts? While refined sweeteners with high glycemic load raise blood sugar quickly, agave syrup is low on the glycemic index, has fewer calories and is high on fructose. Use it in small quantities.

Before downing your tenth cup of tea at work, think organic. New tea infusions are made from herbs, fruits and spices and they thrive on soil which is chemical-free. The leaves are hand-picked into harvest bags. This method retains the natural essential oils and gives the teas a fresh taste and full bouquet of flavours and aromas. If you prefer coffee, organic beans are slowly roasted at a moderate temperature to produce a slightly shiny bean. This reduces the risk of colon cancer and acts as an excellent antioxidant.

Grains such as amaranth, and quinoa are known for their health benefits, and now being used widely. In addition, one should stock up on pastas made from grains such as jowar, snacks made from canihua and buckwheat, and breads made from spelt and rye. These are all high in nutritional value. These grains are, as a whole, suitable alternatives for people who are allergic to gluten or those who shun processed foods.

Get your home to go organic with organic sunflower, sesame or olive oil. These are low on cholesterol and leave you feeling lighter.

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