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Food and Drink
A bubbly pair

Pascal Tingaud, chef par excellence, suggests champagne and food combinations for your finer sensibilities.

Liquid Hour Menu launched at celebrity chef Ritu Dalmia's Diva Kitsch.
Exotic drinks, good food and cosy interiors, Monkey Bar has it all.
The new limited edition Absolut Originality is a vision of sleek simplicity.
Soda Bottle Opener Wala at Gurgaon offers great food, in good humour.
Take a peek at your personality type and find a niche for yourself in your city's vibrant nightlife.
The new winter menu at Olive Bar and Kitchen, Mehrauli will stir your taste buds and satiate your soul!
With punchy music and an aerial view of Bangalore, High Ultra Lounge makes for a great evening.
Combine these easy-to-get snacks for an instant mind andbody boost - whether at home or halfway to Timbuktoo.
Proper nutrition is paramount for the start of a good day. Some breakfast tips for the rushed office-goer.
The restaurant caters to taste buds as vibrant as the ethnicity of its food.
No Tryst, Cafe Zoe or Blue Frog can claim to have a microbrewery like that of The Barking Deer.
While some would object to 'contaminating' good liquor, you have to agree that a lip-smacking cocktail has its own merits.
The Mekong Restaurant takes you on a delightful tour of all the places touched by a beautiful river.