Gadget Bling

Who says gadgets can’t wear jewellery? We check out some of the ‘blingiest’ contraptions out there.

Kushan Mitra        Print Edition: July 13, 2008

Who says gadgets can’t wear jewellery? We check out some of the ‘blingiest’ contraptions out there.

1: Diamonds are a TV's best friend

Philips TV set with 2,250 diamond and total 225 carat gold
To celebrate the success of its Ambilight flat-panel televisions, Philips set 2,250 diamonds, weighing a total of 225 carats, in a floral pattern around the edges of this 42-inch Ambilight LCD TV.

While a standard 42-inch Ambilight will set you back by around Rs 1.5 lakh, this TV is estimated to be worth $200,000 (Rs 86 lakh). Philips actually does not expect to sell this TV.

2: Singulum laptops

Singulum laptops
Usually, a laptop that does not wear a major manufacturers?f badge is considered to be just another black box. But not these laptops made by Singulum of Germany. Each laptop is handcrafted and you can even ask for ivory keys like those in old grand pianos. The wood used for the case is similar to wood used on top-end violins. The price for these made-to-order pieces is available only on request.

3: Diamonds to your ear

Nokia 8800 with gold plating
As if Nokia did not make the 8800 luxurious enough by gold-plating it (yes, you can buy a Nokia 8800 with gold plating), luxury makeover artists have gone one step forward. Norwegian designer Thomas Heyerdahl has, in fact, taken an 8800 and got 112 diamonds set in it. Only 100 of these phones are being made and they will cost $6,000 (Rs 2.58 lakh) a piece.

4: Cover yourself in gold

The Apple MacBook Air
This would be the gadget that the 007 villain Goldfinger would love to own: a really cool laptop plated in 24-carat gold. The Apple MacBook Air has been dipped in a lustrous gold coat, and even the Apple logo has been given a makeover with multi-coloured sapphire crystals. The price? Well, Computer Choppers claims that you can get this for under $10,000 (Rs 4.3 lakh).

5: Wear Dior, carry Dior and talk on Dior, too

Christian Dior Moblie phones
Christian Dior has started to make phones? Not really. In fact, there will be several versions available.starting at $5,000 (Rs 2.15 lakh) going all the way up to $26,000 (Rs 11.18 lakh) for the luxury version with 640 Swarovski stones set in it. The device isn?ft technologically backward. Dior has added a 'Mini My Dior' to the phone.an electronic gadget which clips to your (Dior, obviously) handbag and which lets you know when the phone inside the bag rings (just in case you can?ft hear it). The phone also has a speaker and, so, you can speak through the 'mini' dongle.

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