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Travel in style with Viaggio, the new range of travel accessories from Gucci.

Anumeha Chaturvedi        Print Edition: Feb 8, 2009

There’s a case to be made for luxury in these times of recession. In fact, it is an argument that holds true at all times—you buy luxury products because it gives you satisfaction, because it makes you feel good enough to ignore the fact that you’ve just blown a lot of money on something as utilitarian as luggage. But then again, if you buy a bag from Gucci, you’re buying into the iconic double G symbol, the exemplary 87-year history in hand-crafted leather goods. And yes, you’re buying luggage space.

The new range, Viaggio, is crafted from high-tech resin and includes semi-hard case trolleys, garment bags and briefcases, each with the round rubber GG plaque, in bold evidence, even on the trolley wheels. Why be understated? The bags come in various sizes, all making up a stylish whole. The trolleys and carry-on bags have a neat, subtle style. The internal compartments are well organised with stretch linings, and all pieces are available in plain black and in a double GG printed canvas. Each piece is user-friendly and accessible enough that you can comfortably dip in and out of the range, in case you don’t fancy the whole lot.
Travel in style. Leave the backpacks for others.

Note: Gucci Viaggio is available at The Oberoi, New Delhi
Price: Rs 20,000 onwards

Dillip Kapur, President of Hidesign
Dillip Kapur
Dillip Kapur, President of Hidesign, on how to beat jet lag, choose a hotel and beat those queues at the airport.

1 Avoid wheels on your carry-on luggage. They add a lot of weight and bulk, it’s unnecessary. It’s called a ‘carry-on’ after all. I’m generally not a fan of hard luggage, even for longer trips—I find it bulky and inconvenient. I am always fighting with my wife over this, as it does keep your shirts and pants in place.

2 Always pack at least a couple of suits. Even for fun, family trips, it pays to have three or four formal shirts as there’s no escaping those fancy dinner parties.

3 Carry your frequent traveller card. Unless you’re travelling business, it’s about your only chance to beat those serpentine queues at check-in. It works about 25 per cent of the time!

4 Take Melatonin for jet lag. It works! I discovered it thanks to air hostesses, and always carry it when travelling abroad.

5 Centrally located, small hotels. They’re the best bet in my book. You want to be central, because it’s easier to get around. And smaller hotels have more local character than five-stars, they help me understand the place better.

6 Tip well. It’s the difference between good service and bad. It’s 15 per cent in the United States, and 10 per cent elsewhere.

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