Go Polo

The classic polo T-shirt can really make you look smart, if you know which colours or designs suit you best.

Bibek Bhattacharya | Print Edition: April 6, 2008

As summer seems to be knocking on our collective doorsteps, it’s time to step out in style and look natty in polo. It might seem a bygone word in style and comfort today, but the stylish polo was incendiary in 1927, when seven-time Grand Slam winner Rene Lacoste designed and wore it, shocking the world. And yet, his vision’s been vindicated. This spring, the polo T-shirt is undergoing something of a style renaissance. Lacoste is out with a retro-inflected line, but others aren’t behind. Here are a selection of four fab polo shirts.

 Polo Shirt from Zegna Sport Price: On requestBlack Polo Shirt from Lacoste Price: Rs 2,500 Striped Polo Shirt from Lacoste Price: Rs 2,100  Polo Shirt from Rohit Bal Price: On request





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