Indrani Dasgupta 20s

A model who is being touted as the supermodel of the decade is attracted to men with a sense of humour.

Anamika Butalia        Print Edition: February 7, 2010

What do you like the most about men?
Good sense of humour and a sense of unique individual style.

What do you like the least about men?
Their egos.

Which country has the hottest men?
Italian men are fun to be around with, while South African and Argentine men are hot, too.

Daniel Craig or Hugh Grant?
Daniel Craig, after Bond.

What’s a good approach for a girl like you?
Avoid clichés, be yourself and be honest.

How should a girl approach a guy she likes at the office?
Never worked in an office, so don't know the policies!

What should men have learnt about women by now?
That a “no” means “no”.

What is your stand on premarital sex?
It’s important to be safe.

What constitutes a healthy sex life?
As long as both the partners are happy and listen to each other, sex would be great.

When is an affair permissible?
When it’s not illegal… everything else goes.

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