Know your cocktail glasses

So, you know your Bahama Mama from your Mint Julep but would like to improve your knowledge on the right cocktail glass to serve the poison? Here's a look at the glasses that can make or break your cocktails.

Anumeha Chaturvedi        Print Edition: December 16, 2007

White wine glass

These are generally narrower than red wine glasses with straight or tulip shaped sides. The narrowness allows the chilled wine to retain its temperature. As a result, your body heat doesn't transfer easily to your wine.
Cocktails served: Boston Freeze, Roadrunner, Orange Chocolate Martini and Russian Roulette

Champagne flute

This is a stem glass, with a tall, narrow bowl, and is used for serving champagne cocktails. The bowl is designed to retain the champagne's signature carbonation by reducing the surface area at the opening of the bowl.
Cocktails served: Arctic Kiss, Aqua Marina, Black Velvet, Bombay Bellini and Chambord

The Rock

This is your old-fashioned glass, usually short and broad, with straight or slightly sloping sides. They are also called tumblers.

Cocktails served: Royal Gingersnap, Godiva Cranberry Martini, Blue Diablo, Guava Maria and Greek Tiger

Red wine glass

These glasses are characterised by their rounder, wider bowls, giving the wine much needed breathing space. Since most reds are meant to be consumed at room temperature; the wider bowl also allows the wine to cool more quickly.

Cocktails served: Caribbean Cooler, Green Killer, Mont Blanc and Prairie Chicken


These glasses are of medium width, and tall, with straight or slightly sloping sides. The base is the same diameter as the rim.

Cocktails served: Sea Breeze, Sex on the Beach, Malibu Sea Breeze, Rock Lobster, Jelly Bean

The Irish coffee cup

With a short stem and handle, the Irish Coffee Cup is also known as the Irish Coffee Glass and has the capacity to hold approximately 220-280 ml.

Cocktails served: Irish Coffee, Glogg, Hot Buttered Rum, An Irish Kiss and Flaming Spanish Fly

Collins glass

Named after th e legendary cocktail Tom Collins, the Collin's Glass is narrow and is perfect for holding about 280-450 ml.

Cocktails served: Big Apple, Mai Tai, Tom Collins, Long Island Iced Tea and Mokito

Margarita glass

This glass has a slightly larger and rounded approach for a cocktail glass, and is broad-rimmed for holding salt making it ideal for margaritas.

Cocktails served: Italian Margarita, Cranberry Vodka Slush, Ultimate Margarita, Ultimate Mudslide and Peach Margarita

Martini glass

This glass has a triangle-bowl design with a long stem, and is used for a wide range of cocktails served without ice. Holds approximately 80-220 ml, and is also known as a Cocktail Glass.

Cocktails served: Apple Martini, Chaitini, Miami Vice, Strawberry Ice and Grasshopper

Sherry glass

This is used for serving aromatic alcoholic beverages, such as Sherry, Port and layered shooters. The small, narrow stemmed glass serves 60 ml.

Cocktails served: Afterburner, Dangerous Liaisons, After Eight, Opaque Bloom and Rattlesnake Shooter

Some of these exclusive cocktail glasses are available at Swarovski, Ravissant and Riedel.

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