Mirror… make it your best friend

Just getting the right outfit is not the end of it all. One wrong shade on the face and your entire look will take a beating… so, read on and get yourself the right look.

Tejaswi Rathore | Print Edition: January 27, 2008

Here’s the first tip on makeup: go for the natural look. Fresh, clean make-up is the demand of this season.

How should you do your make-up on a bright day?

Avoid heavy foundation because it looks much too gaudy. Use the Avon Color Stick Concealer for a basic touch-up. Make your eyes attractive with simple kajal and mascara that doesn’t smudge and use a natural lip gloss to add shine to your lips.

Your best option here will be:

  •  Mary Kay Concealer, Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation and Mary Kay Loose Powder for a flawless finish.
  • Lancome Hypnose Waterpro of Mascara.
  • Revlon Luxurious Lengths. This will make your lashes look up to 50 per cent longer and curvier.

Five hot make-up tips for women at work

Other than the cardinal dos and don’ts, here are some additional make-up tips from Reshma Lakha, Corporate Manager, Make-up, VLCC Healthcare.

  •  One should do light eye make-up; avoid shades of greens, blues and browns
  • Natural lip gloss enhances the beauty of one?fs lips
  •  Kajal and liner make one?fs eyes expressive
  •  The use of foundation should be minimised
  •  Go for a French manicure instead of dark and flashy nail paints

How should you make-up for office?

Wear light make-up that complements your personality. Use right kind of foundation to match your skin tone. Glosses and lipsticks definitely add life to your lips but you should go for the dusky browns or other matte finish shades that suit your complexion.

What's the right make-up for a special day at office when you have to make a presentation?

Following points should be kept in mind for a special day at office:

  •  Don't put too much make-up
  • Use a thin base and matte eye shadow
  • Avoid shimmers
  • Go for a natural lip shade
  • For the elegant look, make your eyeliner thicker with kajal
  • Make sure to wear a good fragrance that isn't too strong

From office to the party

Don’t have enough time to re-do your make-up? Here’s how you can do a quick makeover… seal your lipstick with a lipgloss. Go for the Mary Kay NouriShine Lipgloss. Gloss adds instant glamour to your face. Apply a liquid eye liner and sweep it just beyond the outside corner of the eye; this gives you a classic, dramatic look that's always on-trend. If you prefer pencil eyeliners, try Mary Kay Eyeliner in Black. For added drama, apply a second coat of Mary Kay Lash Lengthening Mascara to complete your day-to-night eye look.

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