Plugged in

How does it feel to go to sleep with a gadget and wake up with…gadgets again? We get a gadget buff to explain.

Rahul Sachitanand | Print Edition: May 18, 2008

It is 7 0‘clock on an already-hot April morning in Bangalore and 34-year-old Nitin Pinnath is getting ready for work at his swish apartment on Hennur Road in eastern Bangalore. In his living room, a 43-inch Sony flat screen TV has already been switched on and Pinnath, a manager with networking giant Cisco Systems, is updating himself on the latest scores in cricket and the English Premier League as he checks the playlist on his black iPod and scans his e-mail on his Nokia E61 (his other phone, the N95, is loaned to his wife).

Nitin Pinnath
Nitin Pinnath
Gadgets have been a way of life for Pinnath ever since he went to the US for his Masters in Manufacturing Technology and purchased his first music system, loosened purse strings for an early model Motorola cell phone and then spent $300 for a black-and-white Palm handheld.

As he gets into his car, Pinnath takes out his loaded iPod and hooks it up to the dock to listen to his favourite tunes (ranging from metal and rock acts like Metallica and Guns ‘n’ Roses to movie soundtracks) while navigating through Bangalore’s peak hour traffic.

 Pinnath’s tech toys

Sony Vega 43-inch CRT projection, two iPods, Nokia N95, Nokia E61, HP Pavilion DV 9000 widescreen notebook, MacBook Pro, 2007 Canon digital camera, etc.

At work, Pinnath uses a top-end MacBook Pro; computers and notebooks are clearly one of his weaknesses. One of the first things on his ever-lengthening shopping list is a new generation iPhone, but he won’t settle for limited functionality offered by “cracked” devices. “I hope the phone soon comes to India, because the gadget offers something new to users,” he explains.

After a hard day’s work, Pinnath jumps into his car around 6 p.m. and heads to Chisel, an upmarket gym, for his daily workout. Here too, he sticks to his own music list, plugging his iPod into his ears. Later, Pinnath heads back home and settles himself on his comfortable settee for a movie on his other favourite toy, an HP Pavilion DV 9000 widescreen notebook. His top-end Sennheiser ear phones plugged in, Pinnath prepares to begin his movie marathon.

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