Four benefits of BYOD to work

BT more presents four benefits of bringing your own device to work.
     Print Edition: Mar 16, 2014
Four benefits of BYOD to work

Familiarity with one's own device enhances productivity; those opting for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are likely to be happier workers than those with IT-issued computers.

As users upgrade their devices frequently, they tend to be stocked with the latest hardware. Indirectly, the organisation gets to check out the latest features before incorporating them.

With a BYOD policy, users can work from just about anywhere at any time, without having to save files to flash drives or email documents from one account to another. It also nullifies the need to carry multiple gadgets.

With more employees opting for BYOD, companies don't need to purchase as many cutting-edge devices. Users also tend to cover the repair costs in case of breakage or system failure.

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