Four cool desk accessories

The four cool and trendy desk accessories for your workplace
Prachi Bhuchar        Print Edition: Oct 26, 2014
Four cool desk accessories
Four cool desk accessories

Spaceman USB light
More than half of your waking hours are spent at your workstation. Stock it with the best. The spaceman USB astro light bathes your computer in a halo of white light while peering at your keyboard.
Price Rs 1,370

The catapencil, a futuristic solution to common frustrations at modern workplaces, is just the thing for you. A pencil that doubles up as a catapult, it can be used to shoot paper balls at co-workers.
Price Rs 500

Everlast desktop bag
This one packs a punch. When you've had a long day and are at the very end of your tether, let off steam with a mini workout. A punching bag that bounces back amiably comes highly recommended.
Price Rs 1,947

iPhone notebooks
Its novelty value takes a while to wear off, which is why you need to keep this handy. A notepad in the size and shape of an iPhone makes those long meetings a little better.
Price Rs 1,216

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