A digital hangout

     Print Edition: July 22, 2012

Pioneering a new trend in consumer experience, the ITC group has taken brand experience and engagement to a whole new level with the launch of the Fiama Di Wills Men website. A first-of-its-kind digital experience in India, this virtual initiative has combined the very best of digital expertise to launch this innovative website. Providing valued information in an app format, this international widget-based site caters to the interests and aspirations of the evolving man. The apps address a wide genre of queries related to male vanity. From grooming, fashion and style, to sports, music and gadgets, users are constantly updated on all the 'it' stuff. The content is made available to the user in an interactive format and can also be accessed on the move via a smartphone.

The website made a big splash with a virtual debut in a unique Google+ Hangout, where an eminent panel of experts and public personalities unveiled the apps. Much like a live event, the online launch had only one different aspect - it was hosted online. With features like hangout, circles and search, Google+ opens up an avenue of exciting opportunities within the social space, allowing the brand to come in contact with customers by giving it a face. Bypassing the logistical problems of a live event, this virtual unveiling was widely accessible via live streaming on both YouTube and the Fiama Di Wills Men website. Within just two hours of launching, it had 88 per cent new visits, 130 tweets by opinion leaders and more than 65,000 views on YouTube.

Since its launch, the site has become something of a trendsetter owing to the unique marketing and communication initiatives employed by the brand. They've roped in their male clientele with the prospect of a 'men's only' space, and for the brand, the ride is only just beginning. Log on.

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