Green House Effect

     Print Edition: Oct 28, 2012

Prem.C.Jain, CMD, Spectral Services, helps you set up an environment-friendly home.
Choose a Sustainable Site
Retain about 25 per cent of the site as vegetated open space and provide electric charging stations to encourage alternative fuel vehicles. Apart from solar panels on the terrace, install light-coloured tiles so the heat is reflected.

Water Water Everywhere
Install rain-water harvesting equipment to catch run off water. Also, install water metres to gauge your consumption.

Energy Booster
Instead of electric geysers, install a central solar water heater. Opt for energy effifcient lighting such as CFLs and LEDs. Also use sensors that automatically turn lights on and off. Finally, ensure all your gadgets have a BEE energy efficiency rating.

Material Reality
Break up the bin. Separate your recyclable waste, especially kitchen and paper waste from the plastic or synthetic refuse like metal and glass.

The Inside Story
Before you move into a newly constructed house, perform a 'building flush out' to remove construction contaminants and pests. Use low VOC paints, adhesives, sealants and carpets.

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