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Latest accessories and products launched in the market
BT More Team        Print Edition: Jan 4, 2015
Latest accessories and products launched in the market
Latest accessories and products launched in the market


Get the Massage?

Back from a hard day at work? The OSIM uInfinity offers humanised massage pleasure that promises complete mental relaxation, draining every trace of stress from your mind and body. A revolutionary feature allows you to download the latest lifestyle massage program with a simple Bluetooth connection, enclosing you in a cocoon of comfort that you wouldn't want to leave.

Price: Rs 5 lakh


Shoe Love

If shoes maketh a man, these stunning moccasins definitely maketh a stylish man. Available exclusively on, this Salvatore Ferragamo pair will be a great bet for your evening wear.

Price: On Request


Black Magic

Made of 100% Italian leather, this trench coat from The V Renaissance will play with your inner goth vibe, keeping you warm at the same time. Team it up with something feminine to make for a shockingly stark contrast.

Price: Rs 1.57 lakh


That's Porsche

If you thought QWERTY was dead, think again. The Blackberry Porsche Design smartphone integrates premium quality materials such as sapphire glass for the camera lens, forged steel for the Porsche Design floating logo and chassis, and a case made with special glass-weave technology for the back cover. A phone for life in the fast lane.

Price: Rs 1.18 lakh


Might on Wheels

Been looking for a car that has all the right curves, and yet embodies the ruggedness that throbs under its bonnet? Say hello to the Mercedes Benz GL Class, now equipped with a 3,000 cc engine capable of delivering 240 bhp of raw power and an all-wheel drive that will propel you across the rockiest of mountains. Go ahead, drive yourself wild.

Price: Rs 75 lakh - Rs 1.74 crore

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