Tips for frequent fliers

When you're constantly on the go, use these extremely handy apps to ease your frenzied travel schedule.

     Print Edition: May 12, 2013

When you're constantly on the go, use these extremely handy apps to ease your frenzied travel schedule.

From availing of free wifi to scoring a last-minute hotel room, you can now find everything you need in the palm of your hand. The next time you're in a new city trying to locate a wifi hotspot, Free Wi-Fi Finder will direct you to the nearest facility. For all the times you need a room at a moment's notice, Hotel Tonight offers steep discounts at a thoughtfully curated selection of luxe hotels in the UK and the US. Rates are announced around noon on the day of check-in, and are best suited for solo travellers and couples. Additionally, many hotels let you stay multiple nights at the discounted rate. Our third pick is Flight+, which showcases the display board in real-time for any airport worldwide. Not only does it aid you when you're doing a multi-city jaunt, it's also great for times when you're circling the pick-up spot outside an airport, waiting to greet an out-of-town guest. Available on all Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices, it's time to update in order to upgrade.

After Spain's biggest food name, El Bulli, closed its doors in 2011, it left a gaping void in the country's gastronomical universe. And while there's still no consolation for epicureans who would flock to dine on chef Ferran Adria's handiwork, there's better news for wine lovers longing for a taste of signature wines from the restaurant's cellar. Over two auctions on April 3 in Hong Kong and April 26 in New York, 8,807 bottles from the celebrated restaurant were auctioned by Christie's and can now be sampled from the buyers. The collection, worth approximately $1.5 million, includes bottles labeled exclusively for the restaurant. Do your homework and get in on the catch.

There's nothing worse than sleepless long-haul journeys. Most travel pillows fail to deliver, but frequent travellers swear by these two. While the bulky Kuhi Comforter (www.kuhicomfort.com) is admittedly embarrassing to carry around, it makes up for its loud presence by providing the ultimate sweet slumber. Alternatively, the Comfy Commuter (www.comfycommuter.com) is less conspicuous but does the job. Similar to a standard U-shaped neck pillow, it uses Velcro straps to ensure stability. Sleep like a baby the next time you fly.


Singapore Airlines has upgraded the comfort level in its daily morning flights operational between Mumbai and Singapore. Ten retrofitted Boeing 777-200ER aircraft have been refurbished with full-flat beds in business class, Givenchy seat covers in economy-class, and larger inflight entertainment and screen sizes in both. Arrive fresh as a daisy on your next jaunt to the city.


The next time you plot a holiday escape with your family between hectic work schedules, consider Kashmir. The state's first eco-friendly luxury houseboat, the Sukoon, reopened a little over a month ago after extensive renovation. Docked in the stunning Dal Lake and surrounded by the snow-capped Himalayas, this luxurious houseboat offers guests the traditional concept of a residential houseboat in the modern era. Fully WiFi and fit with a bio-tank so that no waste is discharged into the lake, it stays abreast of latest innovations while losing none of its historic charm. Featuring five en-suite timber-panelled bedrooms named after Kashmir's famous saints and poets, this magnificent vessel transports you to local heritage sites during the day and makes for leisurely nights that can be enjoyed dining beneath the stars on the still waters of the lake. A mostly allseason destination, avail an introductory offer of Rs 9,500 per night until November.


The next time you're in London, drop by Steam, a new concept pop-up eatery. A collaboration between chef Frederick Forster and German appliance manufacturer Miele, this entirely calorie-neutral restaurant promotes Miele's new steam-cooking appliances. Contrary to what you'd imagine, the menu offers a delicious range of dishes and desserts in the end. Between courses, guests can engage in stretching classes and dining work-outs to aid digestion, while vibrating seat pads are offered to help burn calories. With four 90-minute seatings at lunch and dinner, email steam@frankpr.it for information and reservations.


Free (Android 2.1 & higher)
Airbnb, Inc.
Want to book private accommodation on the go? The Airbnb app did take its time ibeing developed but has surpassed its iOS confines since release. The app, which hit Android in January, helps you manoeuver through a maze of accommodation options online, getting you just what you need

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