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BT More Team        Print Edition: March 15, 2015
Latest products launched in the market


Enter Superphone

Why stop at driving a Lamborghini when you can carry one around in your pocket? A luxury phone with specs to boot, the 88 Tauri sports the same aesthetics as the car, complete with a gorgeously trim silhouette and a metal panel of steel silver. The phone packs a punch with 3 GB RAM and runs on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat OS. Want to hitch a ride?

Price Rs 3.73 lakh


Lend Us Your Ears

Music will never sound the same again. Equipped with great looks and music quality that will wow all and sundry, the BeoPlay EarSet 3i may be the closest you come to a musical miracle.

Price Rs 14,900 (approx)


Your Trump Card

Not using a card holder is a sure way of losing them, and using an ugly desk accessory is a sure-fire way of putting off potential clients. Grab this beauty from Frazer and Haws to make your table look tidy and classy in equal measure.

Price Rs 16,100


Joy in a Box

A valuable is best kept safe in a box, taken out only when it is to be cherished. Ballantine's has unveiled a unique whisky that comes in a satin lycra briefcase with a padlock-shaped fastener. If you aren't drinking, zip it! Price On request

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