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     Print Edition: Aug 19, 2012

Focus on the following areas that need care and attention during monsoon.


Spa rituals in the rainy season focus on creating a balance between body and mind to cope with physiological and mental stress that is caused by the changing weather. Takradhara (a summer version of shirodhara that includes the use of warm oils) is especially beneficial. Takradkhara uses a blend of cooling buttermilk and medicinal herbs that are poured on the centre of the forehead. Combined with an abhyanga body massage using Ayurvedic remedies to improves blood circulation.

Exfoliating the skin is also an effective monsoon ritual as it removes dead skin and allows the pores to breathe more freely. Body scrubs that use additional cooling ingredients such as sandalwood or citrus ingredients are highly recommended during this season. Some skin types break out in pimples and blemishes in the heat and this is an effective treatment to renew the balance.

Feet can be prone to infection, athletes' foot and soreness due to perspiration in the humid temperatures. Keep your feet clean and dry by using tea tree powders or anti-fungal remedies from your local chemist. In fact, after washing your feet, further protection is achieved through massaging olive or coconut oils into your feet and toes at night which can prevent athletes foot syndrome. Though this fungal infection likes moist closed areas to grow, oils can protect the webs of your toes from attracting moisture.

Hatha yoga seeks to achieve the perfect homeostasis of body and mind that in turn liberates your spirit. Begin each day with a slow yoga practice that includes convex and concave asanas that balance the thyroid gland and soothes the digestive system. Another very beneficial ritual is the pranayama breathing that balances right and left hemispheres of the brain, calming the mind and therefore the central nervous system and endocrine system (the endocrine glands govern the production of vital hormones and neuro-chemicals that reduce stress levels and promote essential feel-good factors).

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