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Presenting ten timepieces that marry style with utility, promising to become your best friend in the great outsides - whether you are sailing, trekking or winging it through the wide blue sky.

London-based Woodworker David Linley ingeniously captures the timelessness of a fond memory in his new limited-edition collection of keepsake boxes.
Find out if the hotspot option is included in your mobile plan. If yes, open up the personal hotspot menu by clicking on 'Settings', followed by 'General Network
These classic timepieces, with their clean lines and minimalist precision, are like fragments of history that have remained unscathed through time.
Want to buy a laptop but can't find the right one? Some tips from Shishir Singh, Director, Product Marketing, Dell India.  
Here's the perfect mash-up you've been looking for: Asus Fonepad, a 7-inch tablet that also has phone functionality.
Crafted and curated to technical finesse by Swiss manufacturer Koenigsegg, the Agera has been named the hypercar of the year.
Times change, and so do watches. A look at four milestones in watchmaking technology, a definite indication that we have come a long way from the first sundial.
Revelling in the heritage of horology, these timepieces, with their stunning complexities and iconic designs, are a connoisseur's delight.
An elegant watch doesn't necessarily have to cost you the moon. These timepieces will make your wrist look good without burning a hole in your wallet.
The fitbit Aria is more than just another weighing scale! Unlike its counterparts, its function does not end with measuring your weight.