Shilpa Shetty 34

Mumbai-based actress and former Big Brother contestant, Shilpa Shetty, has experienced her share of controversy in her time. Currently dating UK-based NRI entrepreneur, Raj Kundra, she reveals that she has a thing for Tom Cruise.

Print Edition: April 5, 2009

What do you like most about men?
I like men who are not insecure about their importance in another’s life.

What do you like least?
The fact that some men think women can’t do as good a job as they do.

Which country has the hottest men?

Daniel Craig or Hugh Grant?
Tom Cruise. Both Daniel Craig and Hugh Grant are desirable in their own right.

What’s a good approach for a girl like you?
Just ask me out to a candlelit dinner.

How should a girl approach a guy she likes at the office?
A smile paves the way when it comes to such situations.

What should men have learnt about women by now?
Women should be treated equally and even be encouraged in their ventures.

What is your stand on pre-marital sex?
At my age, I don’t think of it in such terms!

What constitutes a healthy sex life?
Being honest and open about what you feel.

When is an affair permissible?
When the feeling is mutual.

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