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The new Eaton Transit Hotel at Delhi's T3 terminal has upped the standard for flyers in the country.

     Print Edition: April 17, 2011

Transit at T3
The new Eaton Transit Hotel at Delhi's T3 terminal has upped the standard for flyers in the country.

After the recent facelift given to Delhi's international and domestic airport terminals, the newest addition to the revamp is the introduction of a long overdue and much-needed transit hotel. Eaton Hotels International, a part of the Langham Hospitality Group, has opened the first such airport transit hotel at Delhi's T3 terminal. The hotel is divided into two wings. There are 57 rooms at the international terminal while the domestic terminal has 36. The hotel follows a sleek, modern design and houses sufficient facilities to ensure you break your journey in style.

Features include a spa, gymnasium, E-points with free internet access, and a T lounge where travellers can choose from a wide menu of food and drinks, at any time of the day or night. Service at the hotel is available around the clock, and is open to transiting passengers who have cleared customs and to domestic travellers needing to quickly freshen up before a flight.

The innovative Aqua Pods offer a unique wash and change service. All you need to do is to pop in, spruce up and pop out in a matter of minutes. So whether you're taking off, landing, or even just breaking journey in New Delhi, be sure to check in for some excellent and comforting , though rushed, service.

Etched out
The world's smallest hand engraving, etched out on the edge of a Wilkinson Sword razor blade is only visible when placed under a microscope. Measuring one tenth of a millimetre, it reads 'Nothing is impossible' and is today worth �47,500 (Rs  34.8 lakh). It took the engraver Graham Short 150 attempts and seven long months before he completed the detailed work of art.

Piggy Bank
That coin collection you've been hoarding in storage all these years, could well be the smartest investment you ever made! The Smithsonian's 1849-dated gold Double Eagle coin of $20 is today the most valued coin in the US. After an examination by experts from the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), it has been determined that the coin, which was made during the days of the California Gold Rush, has gone up in value from $15 million last year to a whopping $20 million today. Currently housed at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, it will be shown in Chicago at the World's Fair of Money in August this year.

McQueen at the Met
After Alexander McQueen's tragic demise about a year ago, his life and work will receive the ultimate homage in an exhibition titled Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty. It will find a home at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The exhibit will showcase 100 pieces of his work spanning the length of his design career. Beginning with his graduation portfolio at Central St Martins in London, and culminating with the posthumous Angels and Demons collection shown last year, the exhibition will run from May 4 up till July 31. Highlights will include a mini projection of the Kate Moss dancing Hologram which he'd come out with just after the model's infamous brush with cocaine in 2006, while the designs will capture McQueen's unique ability to subvert traditional forms and cuts. In this setting, the designs look even more gorgeous, some even menacing and unsettling. A recent review of the collection had people humming with anticipation. This show should go a long way in rehabilitating fashion design as a legitimate art-form.

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New Releases

PJ Harvey, Let England Shake The great Polly Jean delivers a beautiful and poetic anti-war album that maybe her best yet. One of the year's best.

Banjo Or Freakout Italian producer Alessio Natalizia fuses melodic pop with menacing soundscapes to produce this very compelling album.

Radiohead, The King of Limbs The 'Heads are back, confounding expectations yet again with an album that's big on atmosphere and low on guitar anthems. Its not just an album, its an event.

James Blake The young Dubstep DJ is sending everyone into a tizzy with his masterful soul-inspired dream-pop for the twilight hours.

Gil-Scott Heron and Jamie Smith, We're New Here Hotshot young English rocker from The xx remixes the Godfather of Rap's comeback album.

6 things to do this month

Tulip Festial: This flower festival set against the backdrop of the Kashmir Valley, is nothing short of breathtaking. Held in Srinagar, which has Asia's largest tulip gardens, it is a photographer's delight. In addition, you get to witness and sample tons of cultural programs, local handicrafts, folk songs and traditional Kashmiri cuisine. It will be held from April 5 to 15.

IPL T20 Season 4: If there's one thing that gets us ticking, it's cricket. Started by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2008, the IPL is today one of the most anticipated sporting events in the country. Contested by ten teams with players from all over the world, a total of 74 thrilling matches will be played between April 8 and May 28.

Wills Lifestyle India fashion week - Autumn winter 2011: Started with the primary objective to encourage designers to grow their brands globally, WIFW is Asia's largest fashionbusiness event. It provides a space for fashion designers to showcase their collection, and set the trends for the upcoming season. In New Delhi from April 6 to 10.

India Knit Fair: The India Knit Fair, India's biggest exposition on knitted garments will be held in Tirrupur, Tamil Nadu from April 20 to 22 this year. Be there to witness firsthand, the beautiful knits and weaves that symbolise traditional craftsmenship.

Great Indian travel bazaar: India's leading exhibition for the travel and tourism industry, this travel fair is a showcase of products and services for travel consumers across the country. So if you're part of the travel industry, or just a travel buff on the lookout for your next fix, be in Jaipur from April 17 to 19.

Mewar Festival: Watch locals of Udaipur transfer images of Goddess Gauri in boats across Lake Pichola amidst much singing and celebrating. Join in the festivities amidst plenty of singing, dancing and culture, culminating in dazzling fireworks. To be held from April 6 to 8.

Floating Monaco
When it comes to superyachts, you might think you've seen it all. Well, with this next one in line, the standard has been taken to a whole other level. Called the Streets of Monaco, This 155-metre yacht has an unmatched design and follows a concept in keeping with its name. Built to resemble a small part of the city of Monaco in the South of France, it is nothing short of a floating island, but one with firm stability. The features and elements of this floating city are no different from land-based ones. Facilities include a swimming pool with a jacuzzi, a Casino Square with a massive glass-bottom fountain, a courtyard for multi-purpose activities which doubles as a landing pad, BBQ facilities, a spa, a salon a gym, a café/bar, seven guest suites, a movie theatre, a wine cellar, and even a ballroom. Aboard this ship, there's no being grounded.

Couch Potato
Always thought that the Mini Cooper was one of the cutest cars ever? Well, here's your chance to sit on it. The toy-making division of the carmaker has just launched the multi-tasking, much accessorised Mini Cooper chair. Made from deconstructed Coopers, the chair has been specially designed to include a gamut of functions and controls. No wonder it's being touted as the 'greatest gaming chair ever made.' What's more, for �8,000 (Rs 5.89 lakh) you could even consider this a bit of a steal. A multi-function console chair emerges as the hood of the Cooper unfolds, accompanied by a gaming wheel, a remote controlled smoke machine as well as a mini fridge. Then there's the iPod dock, headphones, an amplifier, a laser, an Xbox as well as a PS3. Satisfied?

Sounds Like you know about Japanese beer

When you think beer you think Germany or Netherlands. Well, its time to think again.

1. Back in the 19th Century, when Japan was still a closedoff country, beer arrived with the Dutch merchants who set up breweries for Dutch sailors. These locally brewed beer then went on to become really popular with the Japanese.

2. So popular is beer in Japan that a good 67 per cent of the alcohol consumed in Japan is accounted for by Japanese and other beer.

3. There are, broadly speaking, two kinds of beer brewed: one being the standard lager beer and the low malt beer Happoushu. The latter is very popular, especially when paired with the soybean preparation edamame.

4. The big Japanese beers have a following all over the world, especially brands like Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, Suntory and Orion. However, thanks to the country's liberal alcohol laws, equally popular in Japan are microbreweries called Ji Biru or craft-beers. You could even buy them in supermarkets and stores.

5. Beer plays a big part even in Japanese Manga with one Manga called Moyashimon illustrating the production methods of a wide variety of beers in Volume 8.

Hublot for F1
To mark the upcoming Formula 1 Grand Prix in New Delhi, the event's official watchmaker, Hublot, has designed a special King Power India watch. A limited 200 pieces with individual numbers have been made especially for the event. The timepiece sports the famous F1 logo and the tricolours of the Indian flag on the dial and bracelet, and boasts of several other little details made from hightech materials. A first ever initiative by a luxury Swiss watch company to manufacture a watch specially for an international sport in India, this is one piece of work you'd want on your wrist.

Test drive
Keeping abreast of the rising tide of environmental consciousness, Rolls-Royce has developed a one-off model - a fully electric powered Phantom 102EX. The made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March and will tour the world through 2011. With the primary aim of gathering material for research and furthering the company's understanding of green technology, the Phantom Experimental Electric (EE) will be available for test drives as well, so as to aid the manufacturers through constructive feedback. Regular updates on the car's progress will be available on

Up in the air
Tired of the long, winding check-in baggage queue? For frequent flyers, here's an alternative which does away with hand baggage altogether. The SeV Carry-on Coat features 33 concealed pockets that allow you to pack in everything from a toothbrush to your iPad and files. So once you're frisked in, you needn't fret about leaving your bag anywhere; because all you need is right on you. While you might feel heavier than usual, we say it's still the way to go. Zip up!

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