The white stripes

Shelve all other colours for now. As the rains recede and autumn advances, we take you through the paces on the colour white. Here’s how you should be wearing white this season if you wish to carry it off in style.

Bibek Bhattacharya | Print Edition: September 7, 2008

The white suit

He’s wearing:

White linen suit from Cue for Rs 17,500 Blue striped shirt from Viavero for Rs 2,000 Tie from H2O for Rs 1,650 White shoes from Da Milano for Rs 8,095

A narrow tie is a must. Unless you are on the heavier side, a narrow tie will slim your physique. Again, if your suit has a narrow lapel, a thin tie is essential.

A shirt with a light palette, like this blue and white striped shirt, can be worn with a white suit. It is a colour that not only breaks the monotony of white, but also complements your suit beautifully.

If you really want to pile up the style, may we suggest a pair of white loafers? It’ll blow all competition out of the park.

Linen suits can be worn through summer, and the fabric helps accentuate the colour of your suit.

The white shirt

Nothing much remains to be said about the virtues of the white shirt, but here it goes. First of all, it is a supremely versatile apparel. You can wear it anywhere and with anything, and you will never have to worry about styling. The second great thing about a white shirt is that of aesthetics. No other shirt looks quite as good. To demonstrate that, we have for you three distinct looks with the same white shirt.

This grey suit is reminiscent of Giorgio Armani’s iconic collections from the 1990s. The lines are smooth and powerful, and it puts power into power dressing. Needless to say, the crisp white shirt not only matches the suit, it actually increases its appeal.

He’s wearing:
White shirt from Canali for Rs 14,000 Grey self-striped from Cue for Rs 18,500 Tie from H2O for Rs 1,650 Shoes from Da Milano for Rs 8,995

This one is a classic—white shirt and blue jeans. The result is self-evident. Oh, and if you have a pair of black boots, please wear them. He’s wearing: White shirt from Canali for Rs 14,000 Blue jeans from Sisley for Rs 4,995

The White Denim Not to be confused with the band that is one of the hottest new acts around. But that just goes to show the cool quotient of white jeans. Just like your suit, you have to carry it off well, and to do so, you will have to contrast your jeans with clothes of a very different hue.

He’s wearing:
Shirt from Ermenegildo Zegna for Rs 10,600 White cotton jeans from Calvin Klein for Rs 4,450 White canvas shoes from FCUK for Rs 3,695

You could do much worse than wear a fitted shirt that has some colour elements that go with your jeans. In this case, it’s a smart black and white pin-striped shirt.

Canvas shoes are the toast of the season, and they go very well with jeans. Go for a white pair.

A nicely-fitted white shirt can be worn in a decidedly casual way, too. Pair it with shorts or with bermudas, get out your cap and finish your look with a pair of cool sandals, and you’re good to go. He’s wearing: White shirt from Canali for Rs 14,000 Shorts from Sisley for Rs 2,999 Slippers from Viavero for Rs 4,250.

White Shoes Yes, white shoes. They’re nothing to squirm about, and no, they will not make you look unhip and oh-so-1980s. especially, if you’re a man about town.

1 Brogues from Gucci for Rs 24,950
2 Sandals from Lacoste for Rs 6,500 
3 Canvas shoes from FCUK for Rs 3,695
4 Loafers from Viavero for Rs 6,250

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