The wired workout

A gaming console that measures your BMI, a phone that pushes you to run faster and an armband that stores all fitness data. Your morning workouts are about to get hi-tech.

Bibek Bhattacharya | Print Edition: May 18, 2008


Samsung and Adidas have teamed up to announce the launch of MiCoach, which is a pedometer (a device that counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of his hips), a cellphone and an MP3 player rolled into one.

How it works: MiCoach analyses your personal data and customises a training programme for you. It sets realistic goals and then upgrades them once you reach them. It also has a “Stride Sensor” that measures your speed and the distance covered while you’re running, and tells you to speed up if you’re lagging.

Availability: Expect it later this year or in early 2009. It will be launched in Europe shortly.

Price: Estimated at $612 (Rs 24,480).

Wii Fit

This next-generation Wii Fit gaming console uses a peripheral device called Wii Balance Board, which can measure your weight and centre of gravity. If you feed your height into the board, it can calculate your Body Mass Index.

How it works: Training with Wii Fit is divided into four categories— aerobics, muscle conditioning, yoga and balance games. Wii Fit adds a further edge to your workout by making you compete in workout games with other players, the end-goal being muscle toning and burning body fat. If you’re doing strength training workouts, then you’ll have to do your push-ups by placing your hands on the Balance Board. The Wii Fit trainer also gives you important advice on form, breathing, positions and timing.

Availability: Wii Fit will be available in the US from May. Expect the official version in India next year.

Price: Around $89.99 (Rs 3,600) in the US.


Following Nike-iPod’s success, the sportsgear giant is ready to launch this nifty little gadget later this year.

How it works: SportsBand is a wristband that allows you to see the distance, speed, time and calories burnt when you’re out on your morning run. It stores this data so that you can pace your run next time.

Availability: Expect it in India later this year.

Price: Around m60 (Rs 3,800).

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