The world's most luxurious yachts

There are yachts and then there are the really extravagant, gigantic, luxury yachts.We take a look at who owns the finest things to set sail on high seas.

Anusha Subramanian | Print Edition: August 24, 2008

My Dubai: The dream boat costs about Rs 2,000 crore
They are royalty with oodles of money or self-made billionaires. Some own football clubs or F1 teams, others rule their countries. But they have one common passion: owning a fleet of luxury yachts. Here’s a look at some of the most amazing yachts in the world.


Owner: John Spencer (New Zealand paper magnate)
Length: 49 m
Cost: £33.5 million (Rs 285 crore)
USP: Concealed helicopter hanger

Octopus: Its USP is two submarines in the hold
Magna Grecia

Charterworld (yacht charter firm)
Length: 58.5 m
Cost: £13 million (Rs 110 crore)
USP: Illuminated fibre optic dance floor

Force Blue

Flavio Briatore (Renault F1 Boss)
Length: 63 m
Cost: £32 million (Rs 272 crore)
USP: State-of-the-art gym and seven-seater cinema

And who owns what in India 

Gautam Singhania a super yacht called Ashena
Lakshmi Mittal 80-metre-long mega yacht Amevi built by Oceanco
Vijay Mallya 311-feet-long (95 metres) giga yacht.Indian Empress
Sameer Gahlot Just sold his super yacht and buying a new and bigger yacht
Vinod Mittal Owns a Ferretti 550
Riyhad Kundanmal Owns the 84-foot-long Sunseeker 80


Owner: Roman Abramovich (billionaire owner of Chelsea Football Club)
Length: 115 m
Cost: £72 million (Rs 612 crore)
USP: Pool with artificial currents, bulletproof portholes

Magna Grecia: Has an illuminated fibre optic dance floor on board

Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft)
Length: 128 m
Cost: £100 million (Rs 850 crore)
USP: Two submarines, recording studio

Prince Abdul Aziz

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
Length: 147 m
Cost: £160 million (Rs 1,360 crore)
USP: In-yacht hospital and mosque

Pelorus: Boasts a pool with artificial currents, bulletproof portholes
My Dubai

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum (Prince Minister of Dubai)
Length: 158 m
Cost: £235 million (Rs 1,997 crore)
USP: Squash court, submarine

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