Jet Lag no More

Heading overseas for an early morning meeting with an important client? Here are five ways you can avoid jet lag and step off that airplane feeling like a million bucks.
Print Edition: June 22, 2014
Five ways you can avoid jet lag
Gradually altering your schedule before the day of the journey can help immensely.

Prep up for the journey
It is advisable to alter your schedule gradually, before the day of travel. If you are likely to be shifting time zones while travelling east, start going to bed earlier by half an hour each night. If you are travelling west, do the opposite. You can also try moving your mealtimes closer to the hour you'll be taking them at your destination.

Stay hydrated

Drink water before, during and after your flight to counteract dehydration. Avoid alcohol or caffeine - which can disrupt sleep and cause dehydration - a few hours before you plan to start counting sheep.

Hold back on carbs

While there are some frequent fliers who try to keep jet lag away by eating heavy for a few days before travel and then fasting on the day of the journey, there is no evidence to prove that this procedure actually helps. Nevertheless, it is beneficial to go easy on foods rich in carbohydrates or fat close to bedtime because they may disrupt your sleep and - thereby - contribute to jet lag».

Try natural light therapy

Sunlight has a great influence on our biological clock. Experts say that if you are travelling westward, bask in the bright morning light at your new destination and avoid exposure to afternoon or evening light. As for eastward flights, avoid exposure to early morning sunrays and make the most of the afternoon and early evening light.
Minimise disturbances
Try to procure a window seat, so your sleep doesn't get disturbed by co-passengers constantly shuffling their way to the washroom. Earplugs or an eyemask may also help you bag those forty winks with relative ease.

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