Get a flight upgrade

Flying economy? While there is no sure-fire way of achieving a bump-up to first class, here are five tips that can help.
Prachi Bhuchar | Print Edition: Nov 23, 2014
Get a flight upgrade
Be nice to the attendants, and they will be nice to you.

A smile can take you places, sometimes even to the business class section of your flight. So, what is it that makes one impress the flight attendant enough to get that elusive flight upgrade? We scour a recent Skyscanner report for tips.

Travel off-peak

This one's simple enough. The more you travel during offpeak days, the more likely you are to find empty seats in the business section.

Be early, or late

While some flyers hold that checking in early increases your odds of scoring the last remaining seats in first class, others say that coming late could result in a bump-up due to overbooking of economy seats. Play this one by the ear.

Be polite

This one's more of a universal rule, really. Be nice to the attendants, and they will be nice to you. Sometimes, nicer.

Rack up points

Loyalty is usually rewarded. The more your frequent flyer miles with an airline, the greater are your chances of finding yourself in first class.

Wear your best suit

You arrive at the airport in unwashed jeans and smelling like your kitchen sink. In the circumstances, how likely are you to land a seat with the Gucci-clad folk upstream?


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