Solving a pet peeve

Pierre Mario Fitter        Print Edition: Aug 19, 2012

I'll be honest. There was a slightly selfish motive when I volunteered to report this story. You see, my wife and I have had two cats for more than a year. We love them dearly but having pets isn't easy . For example, they can't be left unattended for more than half a day. In fact, they hate travelling and yowl when placed in a car. So we haven't even had a weekend out of town since adopting them.

With the Monsoon now upon us, we were desperate for a break. But what about our two rambunctious felines? Where would they stay? And what if there was a medical emergency with them before we could get back? Would someone be on hand to take care of them? Would that person be trained? Thankfully, there is an answer this season. Pet boarding homes will feed them , exercise them, groom them and even take them to the vet if their nose isn't just the right shade of pink.

Most even pick up and drop them off at your home. So go make a splash this monsoon.


Delriques Kennels is a small but highly-attentive operation run by Delano Henriques and his family. They take in just 13 dogs at a time. The kennels are well-ventilated and each is equipped with a light and fan to kill some of the city's oppressive humidity. A vet with 10 years of experience visits once a week to check the animals. He also makes emergency calls. Another plus is that most of the staff is trained in basic first aid. Delano himself lives on site, unless errands take him away. Meal times are elaborate: chicken, vegetables, chapattis and rice combine for a nutritious supper. Of course, pet owners can request customised menus depending on the animal's needs. Friendly dogs are allowed to play together twice a day in batches of four. The bigger or more difficult animals are taken care of by Delano himself, since he is an animal behaviourist and trainer. For the moment, Delano says he isn't taking in other animals like cats or hamsters owing to lack of space. Delriques Kennels charges upwards of Rs 500 a day and like most kennels, doesn't limit the length of stay.
Contact: Visit or Call +91 9821752507/ +91 9870952507

Canine elite is easily one of the best equipped pet boarding homes around. Spread over three acres, it can manage upto 30 dogs at any time. Pets from the same home can be accommodated together in one kennel, depending on their size. An on-site kitchen prepares fresh meals but pet owners can also bring in food charts so the animals get exactly what they are accustomed to. This 3-year-old kennel has tied up with a nearby vet clinic to ensure the animals remain healthy during their stay. Just in case, two pet taxis are on stand-by round the clock. These taxis also conduct pick-ups and drops. Sonya Kochhar, the owner, also ensures the animals are inspected for medical conditions and vaccination certificates when they check-in and check-out. Sonya tells us she often advises pet owners to come in for socialisation programmes to ensure their pets get to know the other animals before staying at the kennel. In case of conflicts, there are trained dog handlers on site to head off the slightest signs of trouble. Charges start at Rs 600/- per night. This includes meals, grooming and even swimming sessions. Canine Elite also runs a nearby penthouse-style cattery for upto 20 felines. Each 'suite' has indoor and outdoor private areas. Here too, pets from the same home can be housed together.
Contact: Email, alternatively, Call +91 8860084511 or +91 9871397179

This pet boarding home will soon have space for more than 100 dogs; for good reason, Vinay S., the owner, says he is often booked up to two months in advance during the holidays. Wide open lawns and shady trees make for an ideal location. Each 7x7 foot kennel has a tiled roof and is well ventilated to keep the animals cool. Special drains keep the kennels free from odour. The dogs get two meals a day. The dry meal is from a popular dog-food brand. The other consists of chicken stew and rice. Vegetarian pets get milk, egg and rice. Customised meals are also possible. 666 Kennels organises regular visits by vets with 20 years of experience. Dedicated vans can rush animals to the clinic in emergencies. For exercise, Vinay follows a thumb rule: shorter the legs lesser the walks. Exercise periods also vary depending on the lifestyle the pet is used to back home. Vinay used to run a cattery as well but the felines weren't too pleased with so many dogs around and he had to shut it down, eventually. In the coming months, 666 Kennels plans to open branches in Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai.
Contact: Email, Visit 666kennels. com or Call: +91 9740007070

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