The Aman goes to venice

Aman Canal Grande Venice makes for the best Italian getaway this summer
     Print Edition: June 9, 2013

If you are planning on an Italian getaway this summer, you may want to make the brand new Aman Canal Grande Venice your home. It is located at the heritage Palazzo Papadopoli in the historic San Polo district, at a walking distance from the famous Rialto Bridge. Amanresorts' latest Mediterranean offering houses 24 beautifully designed suites that reflect its locality's heritage and all the rococo splendour you may expect from Venice.

With a fitting approach (by water, of course), you arrive in a gondola at a reception hall replete with soaring ceilings and historic frescoes. Inside, the interiors combine the original rococo and neo-renaissance styles while maintaining the brand's trademark brand of contemporary-classic. The property - which houses a canal-view bar, a library, games room, roof terrace, a main dining room that offers delicious Asian fare and a spa - will open its doors on June 1. An absolute must-visit.

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