Plane Relief

Suffer no more! Swiss International Airlines has revamped its services to become the world’s first ‘allergy-friendly’ carrier.
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Plane Relief
This is a scenario you will never face on the Swiss International Airlines.


Suffer no more! Swiss International Airlines has revamped its services to become the world's first 'allergy-friendly' carrier.

This is a scenario you will never face on the Swiss International Airlines.

Are you among those who start sneezing uncontrollably everytime the flight attendant steps out to spray the cabin with air freshener? In that case, Swiss International Airlines is your best bet in the skies.

Well on its way to becoming the world's first certified 'allergy-friendly airline', the carrier has announced that it will begin rolling out new products and services to improve the flying experience for allergy sufferers. The resultant modifications will extend from the inflight menu to the atmosphere in the cabin.

Going as far as to acquire a certification from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation, it has offered travellers the option of requesting gluten-free snacks and meals, besides lactose-free alternatives.

First and business class passengers will be offered pillows stuffed with an anti-allergic synthetic material, and decorative flowers and air fresheners are likely to be shown the cabin hatch. Want more? Flight attendants will be on standby, just in case you do come down with something.


With fitness-themed travel becoming all the rage with tourists, Reebok has teamed up with Austin Adventures to create a set of holiday packages bustling with high-intensity, outdoor activities.

To be launched this summer in Montana, Reebok Fitness Vacations by Austin Adventures will take tourists on scenic bike rides and river rafting expeditions to locations as varied as Big Sky, Yellowstone and Paradise Alley. During the course of these trips, guests can expect to scale steep peaks, climb stairs to waterfall lookouts, drink in the fresh air while trekking through dense forests, and indulge in some serious whitewater paddling. The summer schedule begins with two week-long trips scheduled for July and August in Montana, and prices start from $2,500 (Rs 1.5 lakh approx).


Etihad Airways has redefined luxury travel with the launch of a new three-room apartment that comes with an en-suite shower, double bed and a personal butler. Called 'The Residence,' Etihad has transformed part of its A380 upper deck into a luxurious flying hotel suite that offers a trio of compartments, including living room space, a bedroom and an en-suite bathroom. A personal butler caters to every whim of its guests, while a concierge team ensures a smooth travel experience for passengers - right from ground transport to cuisine and amenities.


Taking on 'luxury sofas' brought out by competitors, Air France has unveiled its new haute couture first class section in Shanghai - complete with a seat that reclines into a 2.01-metre bed. This move is seen as the probable start of an international luxury seating race to win over Asia's rising number of high fliers. As many as 76 of the seats will be fitted into the airline's 19 Boeing 777-300 jets, at a cost of Euro 50 million. At present, Singapore Airlines boasts of the most spacious first class seat - at 2.08 metres.

Japan's Footbath Express

How do people in Japan unwind when they get home weary after work? You guessed it - a comforting footbath that soothes the nerves and washes away the blues of an otherwise tedious day. Taking this concept further along the track, the country's bullet trains will soon offer passengers a chance to soothe their tired feet in a carriage fully equipped with footbaths. The East Japan Railway Company has decided to launch the service in July, with one carriage on each such bullet train installed with two window-facing 2.4-metre-long tubs. These trains, called Toreiyu - a combination of the English word 'water' with the French 'soleil' (meaning sunshine) and the Japanese term 'yu' (hot water), will also boast of a special car with a bar counter, tatami-mat flooring and tables made of cherrywood. Feel like a train ride, anyone?


Toronto-based Four Seasons will soon launch the hotel industry's first fully branded private jet - giving its guests yet another means of flying from one property to another. Slated to be put into service by February 2015, the Four Seasons Jet is a retrofitted Boeing 757 completely refurbished by the hotel group's designers.

While an aircraft in this category can seat as many as 233 passengers, only 52 will be accommodated on the Four Seasons service. The group has assured patrons that the standard of service in the air will be as high as those offered in its properties on the ground. Additional comforts will include fully reclining leather seats, on-board Wi-Fi, and a professional photographer to ensure that the best moments are recorded.

JetLag Genie

Price Rs 200 (iOS)

Sometimes, you do need a genie to help you with jetlag. Gradually altering your sleeping habits before a trip is definitely beneficial, and this app will help you do just that. Input your travel dates, destination and usual sleeping times, and its personalised alarm clocks will soften the blow when you wake up on Tuesday afternoon - convinced that it's still Monday morning.

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