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Go Goa Gone

Looking for your next holiday destination? Why go abroad when the world's coming down here, to our very own Portuguese paradise.

Soul-soothing and heart-warming, our pick of luxury destinations has something for everyone - nature lovers, adventurers and history buffs.
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Always flying abroad on business? Skip the airport queue and rule the wide blue skies with your very own private jet.
For 96,000 pound, fly to 12 casinos in eight global destinations over a period of four weeks. A gambler's dream come true! 
Events, festivals lined up around the world this December -
Autumn's blustery weather is perfect for sports that rely on high wind speed, such as kite boarding. Here are a few you must try during the weather -
Bracing yourself for a long layover at an airport in the middle of nowhere? Don't worry, you may be in for a whale of a time.
Fort Lauderdale, lives up to its nickname as 'yachting Capital of the world', hosting the 54th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.
The French capital trumps Madrid, Venice, Rio de Janeiro, London and New Delhi to occupy the hot seat of tourism.