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     Print Edition: Jan 8, 2012

Let's face it. You expect the new year to wipe all slates clean and be the best ever. It's a time for shiny, bright, newness and endless possibilites. For this special issue, BT More's writers went all out to bring you products, experiences and advice that we believe will make your 2012 superlative.

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Want to dress well? We've got expert fashion tips from one of India's top fashion editors. Looking for a great new place to eat? Turn to our good food guide.Want to own the very best of the best? We've curated a list of products that set new records in auctions around the world in 2011. There's even a list of holidays you've never tried before; from swimming with sharks, to climbing mountains with gorillas and even floating around in outer space. It's time to celebrate all things good.

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