Warm it up

Long misty days and icy winds are often the norm if you are going up north for a holiday this winter. But hey, that’s no reason to worry, as long as you have the correct set of second skins. This issue, we tell you about two winter icons—the parka and the overcoat.

Bibek Bhattacharya        Print Edition: December 16, 2007

My generation

He’s wearing Parka from Pal Zileri Price: On request
Jeans from Tommy Hilfiger Price: Rs 4,000 Gloves from Gas Price: On request
She’s wearing Parka from GAS Price: On request
Waistcoat from Sisley Price: On request
Jeans from Tommy Hilfiger Price: Rs 3,500
Gloves from GAS Price: On request
The parka’s most famous season in the sun was in the early 1960s, when they fuelled the Mod Revolution.

Young people dressed sharp, listened to soul and RnB, and fought epic battles with leather-jacketed rockers.

You needn’t do that, but you can dress warm and look cool doing it. Invented by the Inuits (the Eskimos that is), the parka still performs that basic function of cutting the wind chill.

There is a certain rugged romance to the parka, and it looks hot when accessorised with belts and the ubiquitous hood.

Button up

1. He’s wearing overcoat from Esprit Price: Rs 18,000
2. She’s wearing overcoat from Sisley Price: Rs 3,999
3. He’s wearing overcoat from Sisley Price: Rs 14,999
This is it. There isn’t a cooler way to fight the chill this winter than a rakishly cut overcoat and setting it off with a scarf or a waistcoat.

An exposed neck is often the chink in your armour that a biting winter wind pounces upon.

So, go ahead and cover ‘em up with fancy scarves and high-neck waistcoats

Long tall sally

Turn heads and raise temperatures in these femme fatale boots this winter.

While the leather keeps your feet insulated, the powerful finish keeps them begging for more.

These boots are certainly made for walking!

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