Dishes at B-Bar are fantastic and authentic

The restaurant serves some fantastic versions of both  sushi and sashimi. The sushi is well-crafted and fresh and compares with some of the better ones in the city.

Prachi Bhuchar        Print Edition: February 15, 2015
Dishes at B-Bar are fantastic and authentic
Interiors of B-Bar

I am reluctant to go to B-bar for a meal because I have preconceived notions about food at bars.

In its earlier avatar, the space was large, loud and focused on those who enjoy drinking.

Chicken Hargago Dimsums
The bar has now undergone a 360 degree change as it goes from a drink-oriented space to one serving fine dining Asian cuisine.

The space strands transformed with a long bar occupying one wall of the restaurant and the rest, populated by tables for dining.

The prominent Buddha statues have been replaced with samurais and while the colour theme is still largely red and black, the music is understated and the food delicious.

The first thing that strikes you is the extensive menu-name an Asian dish and chances are they have it on their menu.

In the mood for sushi and sashimi?

The restaurant serves some fantastic versions of both. Begin with the salmon with spring onion oil and jalapenpos as it is fresh, distinct and a great way to kick off your meal.

Follow that with the spicy tuna rolls on crunchy rice which is delicious, or any of the other maki rolls.

Devil Chicken with Angry sauce
The sushi is well-crafted and fresh and compares with some of the better ones in the city.

The lobster dumpling which is a b-bar signature is also highly recommended as the dumplings are served on a thick lemongrass crab curry sauce that lifts the dish.

The starters section of the menu is rich in dimsums, tempuras, sushi and Asian salads and the miso soup is also silken like it is supposed to be.

There are abundant vegetarian options as well and whether you are in the mood for Japanese fare or want a taste of Malaysia or Thailand, you will find it on the menu.

Moving onto mains, the grilled gochujang lamb chops served with a sweet potato mash and a spicy teriyaki sauce were a tad disappointing as the meat was chewy.

No complaints about the flavour though.

Grilled Gochujang Australian lamb chops
The devil chicken with angry sauce is marinated in yoghurt, sambal & siracha and has interesting flavours. There are various prawn and fish options available as well.

I would recommend going big on the starters menu as most of the dishes are fantastic and authentic.

B-bar also has an extensive wine menu and a range of Asia-inspired cocktails that hit the spot.

Round off your meal with the chocolate sesame bar which is nutty and fudge-like or the Philadelphia cheesecake which balances the meal beautifully.

In its new avatar, B-bar is an Asian restaurant to reckon with and with a chef at its helm who has served at the Buddha Bar in Dubai, it hits all the right flavour notes that this cuisine is all about.

BT More recommends

Tuna sushi with crunchy rice
Chocolate sesame roll

Meal for two

Rs 2,500 plus taxes (without alcohol)

Reservations +91-8285311111

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