Revamped Bread et More in Delhi boasts of a tempting spread

The revamped Bread et More at GK boasts of a tempting European spread.

Anindita Satpathi        Print Edition: April 13, 2014
Bread et More, Greater Kailash, Delhi

Glazed, topped with streusel, frosted, crusted or dusted with sugar there is something for every whim of insatiable sweet lovers and chocolate bingers at the revamped Bread et More.

A macaroon tower of a deep carmine pink propped up against the shop window is promisingly cheerful against the backdrop of dainty glass cases. Step into bake heaven, a glittering alley of a patisserie that blows you away with its sheer range of delectable bites.

An array of macaroons, croissants, truffles, gorgeous pastries and hearty breads assails the eyes tantalisingly even as the first whiff of freshly baked desserts hits you.

With ingredients and recipes imported straight from France, the boutique bakery boasts of authenticity in texture and flavour. Gold dust, decorative chocolate shards and fruit juliennes adorn the dainty, fetching display of luxury pastries that jostle for attention, albeit elegantly.

Brand head Sahil Mehta, who attended the same bakery school as legendary pastry chef Pierre Herme, elaborates on the essentially European inspiration of Bread et More, marginally tweaked to suit the Indian palate.

The golden brown croissants are an embodiment of flaky perfection a bite through the layers yields gooey warm filling. Trust me, you can polish off half a dozen of these with two cups of tea. The plain croissant is perfect for a quick bite, you won't feel the absence of a filling at all. The Gruyere croissant is sufficiently cheesy and flaky without going over the top. Wash down the minimalistic and hearty ham and cheese croissant with the incredibly strong Ethiopian Single Origin coffee.

The pain au chocolat is a croissant that gives way to a sinful chocolate filling. Feast your eyes on the Rococo Chocolate before digging in a semi circular mould of chocolate mousse on a base of almond sponge and hazelnut crunch brushed with a dark chocolate glaze. For a taste of choux pastry decadence, try the Paris-Brest no, it's not a doughnut or a doughnut sandwich, but it has a rich custard cream and is amply glazed with praline butter.

Pastry chefs will agree that a macaroon is a miniature miracle of sorts. So many elements have to fit together in harmony - the texture of the beautifully brittle and chewy shells, the intensity of the ganache and the meringue, the drops of food colouring - that you can only marvel at the end product. For those lucky souls eating it, it symbolises a bite of heaven - take your pick from rose, pistachio, coffee, passion fruit or salted caramel. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the cherry-bright raspberry.

Encased in an oreo biscuit log, the oozy chocolate filling sprinkled with gold dust is the first tempting glimpse of the choco oreo cheesecake. It can give you a strong chocolate high, but has no discernible tang of the Philadelphia cream cheese. The mille fueille is not too sweet and has just the right combination of flavours, but I was left with the feeling that there was something missing. Otherwise known as Napolean and a thousand layers pastry, the mighty dessert has custard cream sandwiched in pastry layers topped with toffee glaze and laced with icing. I have a decidedly soft corner for cheesecakes be it blueberry, lemon or new york. The pale yellow fragrant slice of lemon cheesecake was among the best I've had - with just the right flavour of tangy and whipped cream cheese on a chewy digestive biscuit base.

The vibrant contours of the hazelnut, champagne and raspberry truffles dusted with castor sugar hide rich flavours bite into one of these, and voila! you are a truffle convert. The raspberry and white chocolate combination is a welcome change from the typically dark chocolate truffles.

We would like to end on a sweet note, but how do you visit a French patisserie without a mention of French bread? The peasant bread made of sour dough has a tough exterior but is quite the softy when you bite into it pair it with cheese and tomato and serve it for brunch.

ADDRESS: N-17, N Block Market, GK-I
RECOMMENDED: Gruyere croissant, lemon cheesecake

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