Pamper yourself with Canali's made-to-measure suits

At Canali, the art of tailoring is at its highest. Yet it now offers a 'made-to-measure' service to design to your desires.

Anushree Basu-Bhalla        Print Edition: Sep 16, 2012

Handcrafted and custom-made - when it comes to patrons of luxury tailoring, these two are the primary pursuits.  A number of luxury menswear marquees in India now offer 'made-to-measure' service to a fussy lot of gentry who don't mind to pay a bucket-load of money just to get the perfect cut and fit.

In this respect, the luxury menswear marquee, Canali, is quite progressive. Established about 80 years ago and three generations on, Canali still remains remarkably true to its heritage Italian craftsmanship. It continues to push the boundaries of quality and creativity with impeccable tailoring, fine styling and luxurious textures. Primarily known for its suits, Canali recently has dedicated a line of its manufacturing to bespoke tailoring.

So if you were to get a dapper suit custom-made from the Canali atelier, you can choose from a range of fabrics like baby cashmere chincilla known for its lightness; cashmere-mink and cashmere-sable for that soft and smooth texture; wools available are Super 160's and 200's; and finally the wool-angora-cashgora blend.

Canali's made-to-measure service can broadly range between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh, depending on the fabric. Each suit is made in Italy in the Canali manufacture. The brand flies down its master tailor from Italy two or three times a year to all their boutiques to meet clients who have fixed appointments for this service.

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