Fio Cookhouse restaurant at Epicuria is almost perfect!

Loved the first Fio Cookhouse in the city? You'll love the new one at Epicuria even more!

Saurav Bhanot | Print Edition: June 22, 2014
Almost Perfect!

Considering it's a restaurant I've had many a pleasant memory with, I was particularly excited about checking out the new Fio Cookhouse at Epicuria in Nehru Place. And thankfully, my excitement didn't fizzle out even once throughout my visit! If that doesn't say a lot for a restaurant, then what else will?

For those of you who have been to Fio at Garden of Five Senses, you'd have memories of sitting in the open air, surrounded by tasteful furniture, enjoying your Sunday brunch or cozy dinner and having a blast with friends and family. The new Fio at Epicuria is one with a twist. Yes, there's the outdoor seating but this one has all the fun for you pretty much indoors.

Phylo Tazza
I was given a table right next to the best part about the interiors-a large shelf filled with cookbooks and everything else around it. My meal began with Fio Cookhouse Salad, a dish so fresh, it could beat most salads at that. Next up was Spit Fire Chicken which is another wonderful recipe that you must try. Phyllo Tazza, my absolute favorite part of the meal, came next and if you're a cheese lover, it'll blow your mind. Simple, vegetarian and cheesy- nothing complicated here and the taste is divine.

Char Grilled Chicken and The New Fish formed the main course. While the chicken was sufficiently soft and tasty, the fish (a recent launch and I happened to be the second person to try it!) was light, flavorful and appetising. Both winners!

Fifteen Minute Cake, that actually takes close to that time as its preparation starts only post the order placing, was the perfect end to my meal. And Banoffee Jar did what I'd had expected from it- leave a lasting impact!

I have never reviewed a restaurant that's managed to win me over with almost everything they've served. But this was a different story. Fio Cookhouse, I salute you!  

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