Food at La Vie restaurant is quite a treat!

Nestled in the buzzing Khan Market, find some good food that's served with warmth at La Vie!

Saurav Bhanot | Print Edition: June 22, 2014
Food at La Vie restaurant is quite a treat!
Rosemary Garlic bread.

Anyone who lives or has lived in Delhi will tell you, Khan Market is quite a hot-spot for food lovers. Housing some of the most interesting places across cuisines, the area is flooded with people looking for a good meal every other day. It is in this haven that a small, quaint La Vie is trying to make a place for itself while offering Italian food and flavours and hoping to win hearts.

Honestly, I didn't enter the place with high, or for that matter any expectations. I hadn't heard much about the restaurant and was hoping for it to somehow be decent if not particularly great. Designed to resemble a European cafe, La Vie has a simple decor that is more warm than aesthetic. You won't get fancy interiors here; just a cozy setting for an intimate conversation.

My lunch began with soups- one was carrot and the other tomato and basil. Both are lovely though I'll have to choose carrot soup as the better one. The Greek salad is as fresh and light as it is supposed to be so no complaints there either. One of my favorites that afternoon and something that's certainly taking me back to the place is the Rosemary Garlic bread. Tossed especially on order and made fresh and crispy, the bread is a delight for all those who love nibbling on one with their meals. Just like me!

Spaghetti Bolognaise here might not be innovative but is definitely appetising. I did miss meatballs in it though. Keep aside your regular pizza choices and go for High-on-Shrooms instead. This vegetarian option is so good; you won't be missing any meat here at all! There's always the Grilled Chicken Breast with Peri Peri sauce- not the best you can get but not so bad either.

Another highlight of the place has to be La Vida- an exciting spin on the lime soda, this signature drink is part spicy, part tangy and all parts refreshing!

Looking for a simple place serving good Italian food? La Vie is certainly worth a shot!


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