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Situated on the main road that flanks Green Park, The Backyard is a fun space for a night out in town.

Prachi Bhuchar | Print Edition: December 20, 2015

The signboard flashes in your face as you take a u-turn on Aurbindo Marg back towards the Indian Oil building and AIIMS. Situated on the main road that flanks Green Park, The Backyard is a fun space for a night out in town. The sparse, warehouse space is inhabited mostly by those who have just tumbled out of their teens, but we spotted some fairly 'adult' looking couples as well, so it draws a good mix of crowd. What's not to like about a place that makes you feel like you are not just young but with it as well? The music is new age but not the kind that hammers in your head long after you have stepped out of the zone, so that adds to the charm of his bar-cum-restaurant that is just a few months old.

Pulled Pork Slider with Red Cabbage Slaw
If you are looking for a roof top bar that is charming and snug and does not require you to step into the crazy maze that is Hauz Khas village, this is the spot to choose. The drinks and food are well priced and in winter, this is where you can wear your trendy, new warm coat to, without worrying about it being too much. We decided to skip the soup and salads section initially but I came back to it because the weather demanded a bowl of something hot. The Thai hawker's noodle soup was simple, light and effective; no dressing up of dishes here and what you see is really what you get.

Grilled Chicken, Corn and Jalapenos Quesadillas
The menu has a section titled small plates and these work well if you are a couple. The chapali kebabs were a bar version of the kebabs passed around at parties and the Lahori spices which the mince lamb had been marinated in upped the flavour quotient of the food. The stretch slider is also recommended if you love your pork and want a tasty dish that combines the goodness of a slider with that of the meat. The kung samrod or the prawns served with a three-flavour Thai sauce was all crunch and flavour and worked well as an appetiser. You can choose from a host of burgers, pizzas, pastas and grills if European is your thing, but the Asian part of the menu is highly recommended as well, especially the nasi goreng.

The desserts are a mixed bag. The red velvet cake was sugar sweet and failed to make an impact but the New York cheesecake was delicious, so pick your dessert wisely.

Food aside, the drinks here definitely command attention. With an easy range of cocktails on offer, you will be spoiled for choice. A word of caution though, if you like fruit-based drinks, make sure you check if yours has a fresh fruit base as I suspect not all drinks are made from real fruit. Staples like a whisky sour or LIIT are popular as expected, but even if you like your drink straight up, there is ample choice at a reasonable price. Wine lovers can also choose from a wide range and the bartender is happy to make you something that is not on the menu if you want something specific. With live music gigs taking place every week, a new winter menu, and a rooftop that's made for this season, head here for a relaxed evening far from the crowds.

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Stretch slider
Nasi Goreng

Meal for two Rs 1600 plus taxes
Reservations +91 9555553553

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