Restaurant review: Madness in Gurgaon offers good cocktails, decent food

Restaurant review: With good cocktails and decent food, heading to Madness in Gurgaon isn't such a bad idea!

Saurav Bhanot        Print Edition: Mar 16, 2014
The open area at Madness, Gurgaon, is very well styled
The open area at Madness, Gurgaon, is very well styled and the evenings, in good weather, will be rather nice.

There are quite a number of restaurants and clubs in Gurgaon. Considering people there lack no reason to go out and eat, it is only natural for new places to pop up every now and then. When heading my way to this corporate jungle on a rather rainy day I wondered how Madness would turn out, I didn't have an answer. I just hoped it wouldn't be a waste of time and effort. Before I proceed further, let me just end the mystery.

Madness wasn't a complete waste of my time and effort. I may not head there anytime soon since I neither stay nor work in Gurgaon but those of you who do shouldn't shy away from giving it a shot!  

To start with, this place is massive! You can host two-three different get-togethers at the same time in here and there would not be a problem. The open area is very well styled and the evenings, in good weather, will be rather nice. The interiors are all 60s, 70s and 80s and the music complements this aspect well enough. Interestingly, there is a treadmill in here too. For what? Figure it out!

Let's get on with the food and drinks, shall we?

The menu promises European, Mexican, Japanese and Korean along with Indian tandoori food. I'm still not sure whether I had all that but let's move on.

For starters, I was served dragon cotton cheese (good!), mushroom affairs (passable! For some reason, mushroom recipes at most restaurants in Delhi-NCR disappoint me even though I love mushroom!), mushroom baby corn salt-and-pepper (strictly average), Dahi-ke-kebab (fantastic), vegetarian healthy kebab (very good), palak papdi chaat (brilliant), Sri Lankan devilled chicken (decent), chicken satay (good) and crumbed fried chicken (average). My recommendation: Go all out on the kebabs and palak papdi chaat. The three are mindblowing!

The Mexican rice bowl, served as main course, was my most favorite food item here. I loved it! It is healthy, tasty and thankfully, just the right amount of light on flavor. You could even try the white fish fillet if you can't not have non-vegetarian!

It'll be safe to say that Madness serves better drinks than food. Barring one, I quite enjoyed every other cocktail served. From Ginger Cosmopolitan, Strawberry Daiquiri to Green Apple Mojito, Madness and Sexy Thing (my favorite!), they all were very good. The only one I didn't care much for was Sal Rac. You could easily avoid that!

Like I said earlier, Madness might not be the next most-amazing place in Gurgaon but it certainly isn't a bad choice. Full marks for the space, interiors, cocktails and kebabs! See if you'll like it.

Mexican Rice Bowl, Palak Papdi Chaat

Second Floor, DLF Star Tower, Sector 30, NH8, Gurgaon

Rs 2,000 plus taxes (with alcohol)

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