Money Today Archive April 20, 2008 Issue

Edition: April 20, 2008

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Yogendra Pratap

Are you driving a 'safe' car?

ABS is a must in Indian driving conditions, but advanced stability systems are not as important as in the developed world because here the overall speeds are much lower.
  • American pop culture revisited A magnum opus that explores the journey of the American people from the time of the Red Indians to the present—this is a great read for those interested in countries and their history.
  • The bourbon files Americans treat this as a national symbol of pride. Discover why.
  • Unwind in a heavenly Spa Stressed out? Head to a spa this week and treat yourself to a magical few hours.
  • Horror show What makes a good horror movie? No one really knows, although many books have been filled trying to explain the visceral kick that’s inherent in a truly good horror movie. This fortnight, we step back and review three classics which have been re-released as DVDs in recent months.
  • The food expats love They have come from different parts of the world but share a common passion—Indian food.We asked a few expats where they love to eat and what their favourite Indian dish is.
  • The world at your doorstep Where do you go to taste the finest international cuisine in India? Read on.
  • The career corporate golfers We now have a new breed of golfers called “career corporate golfers”. These guys stay on the lookout for tournaments and they don’t have to look too hard judging by the growing popularity of such events.
  • Vice vice baby A little bit of sinning is just fine. But how much is too much? Let the experts tell you.
  • The best Indian restaurants Indian food is hardly homogenous. The local cuisine changes every few hundred kilometres. Find out which restaurants in the five metros boast of the finest Indian cuisines.
  • Indulge! Raise your style quotient with some of the hottest new products this summer.
  • Loafing around They are easy to slip on, comfortable and do wonders to your style quotient. These loafers are a must-have this year.
  • A heart full of soul What makes a truly great soul song? A little bit of rhythm and blues, a great deal of spunk and a voice that melts your heart. This fortnight, we look at some British women who are tapping into that rich source of black soul music and coming up with pretty amazing moves.
  • Dress to kill Forget about the pure white dress shirt for now.Your wardrobe must have these colours.
  • Plunge in for a great workout The treadmill routine is getting a bit boring? Slip into those colourful trunks and go swimming this summer.
  • A living theatre The best home theatre system in India: A shoot-out.
  • Fast but not too cool The Porsche Cayenne is a fussy car, but given its specifications, it might just be ideal for the man on the move.
  • Six beaches to hit this summer Far from the madding crowd, these seaside destinations in Asia are little known but as beautiful as any beach you will ever visit.
  • Pack in the punch Travelling in style doesn’t just mean carrying the best clothes and flying first-class. It also means showing off the classiest travel gear when boarding a flight or checking in at a hotel. Check out some of the finest luggage on offer.
  • A colourful summer This season, add a dash of brightness to your life.
  • The Tuscan seduction Many people assume that the Italian system of classification of wines is a quality rating. The wines get classified according to their geographical regions of origin and winemakers are not allowed to plant grape varieties that are not statutorily specified for a region.

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