Money Today Archive April 5, 2009 Issue

Edition: April 5, 2009

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Sourish Bhattacharyya

Mr Metcalfe goes Indian

Charles Metcalfe doesn’t jump to conclusions—Kathryn and he went through 27,000 wine and food pairings over seven months for the Sainsbury Pocket Food & Wine Guide.

  • Tote top secret Ten years since Indigo rewrote the rules, Rahul Akerkar readies his hush-hush new venture—Tote.

  • Shilpa Shetty 34 Mumbai-based actress and former Big Brother contestant, Shilpa Shetty, has experienced her share of controversy in her time. Currently dating UK-based NRI entrepreneur, Raj Kundra, she reveals that she has a thing for Tom Cruise.

  • A Napa adventure On a whirl across the Bay Area, Kushan Mitra spends a day among the vines at Napa Valley. Well, there would have been vines if it wasn’t December.
  • Best restaurants in metros We enlisted some help—probably the most qualified voices on the restaurant scene in India. A panel of dedicated foodies and restaurateurs.
  • Shopping with the chef One bright morning, J.P. Singh, the executive chef of the world-famous Bukhara, went to the market. MORE tagged along.

  • A taste of Padma The beautiful Padma Lakshmi has a cookbook out called Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet. She chats with MORE about her food fetish, growing up in India and that bit of the bull that she just plain refuses to eat.
  • Swinging with the Air Force The Air Force golf course in the heart of New Delhi is a small nine-hole layout.
  • The budget gym Built for a staggering $4 million, the latest Fitness First club in Delhi is offering health solutions for Rs 99 a day. Is this the shape of things to come?

  • Pop Politics In a world of mediocre music and even more mediocre personalities, we celebrate the importance of being M.I.A.

  • The executive consumer It’s all about the good life for fashion designer Suneet Varma.

  • Fun on the run A BMW is all about driving nirvana. And the new 3 Series is no different.

  • The books that shaped my life Every issue, we ask a prominent businessman about the books that made them the people they are today. This month: Shailesh Rao, MD, Google India.
  • Calender- April 2009 What’s new and what’s happening this month.

  • Derby Day The biggest horse-race in Mumbai is just around the corner. Tally ho!

  • Etiquette- The rules of behaviour Everyone knows a class act when they see one. The challenge is to be one yourself. So we decided to ask one of the classiest people we know for his rules about how gentlemen ought to behave. Author and hotelier Aman Nath reflects on handwritten notes, awkward introductions and a culture of excess.
  • On the game The next time your plane is late, get your thumbs going. Gaming’s all grown up.

  • The Glycolic Peel Each month, in conjunction with Kaya Skin Clinics, our courageous correspondent will venture to the frontiers of male grooming and bring you a full report.

  • Banish your oxfords It’s true that your simple, no-frills black lace-ups are elegant, but they are boring! Don’t be afraid of brown, tan and other colours, and definitely don’t be afraid of brogues.

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